Autumn in Korea – Day 2 (Busan) – HaeDongYongGung Temple

Hi, It’s time to continue my story about our trip, Autumn in Korea. After Day 1 part 1 and part 2, Finally I have time and throw away my laziness to write our experience in Korea. So, in Day 2, we still at Busan. The night before, we talk to Sung Oppa that we can start our trip at 10.00 AM. But, because we are so lazy to wake up early and we started at 11.00 AM, it’s already too late I think for traveler, but what can we do, Sung oppa house is too comfortable for us. As always in our trip, Big Sis always wake up first, because we only can use 1 bathroom, we taking turn t0 shower. The first is always Big Sis, and then me or Miss Pepz, and the last (always the last) is Mr Damz. Sung oppa told me that his mom is cooking soup for breakfast, and we can have it for breakfast, but we didn’t see his mom, his sister, so we feel it’s not right to take it without permission, so we just eat another samgak kimbap that we bought yesterday. At 10 am, Sung oppa show up , he slept at her girlfriend house yesterday (this is just our assumption, because he said he go to halloween party with her girlfriend, but we’re pretty sure about this). He said that he afraid that he already too late, and we already wait him to go, but we even not ready yet that time. So he have time to grooming himself first. Finally, we ready and begin our journey. Our first destination is Hae Dong Yong Gung Temple . Haedong Yonggungsa Temple is situated on the coast of the north-eastern portion of Busan. This superb find of a tourist spot and temple offers visitors the rare find of a temple along the shore line and it’s very old temple, it built in 1376, already more than 600 hundred years. I am sorry that I can describe to you how to get there, because we just sit nicely and beautifully inside Sung oppa car. We discussed where we want to go, Sung oppa said yes, and we arrived savely at that place. Just like that, our live in Busan it’s so not traveler I think. Hahahha Before we go to Haedong Yonggusa, Sung oppa take us to the deck observatory. From there we can see Busan from above. So beatiful scenery, but too bad the weather is not so good, the clouds is little bit grey. So the photo we take it’s look like so cloudy becouse the sky is so dark. We go to 3 place. The view is so cool and beautiful, and of course so nice to take a photo. The first and second place we go before we go to Haedong Yonggusa, and the last place we go after lunch.

View from the First Observatorium Deck

View from the First Observatorium Deck

View from the First Observatorium Deck

View from the First Observatorium Deck

The First Observatorium Deck

The First Observatorium Deck

View from the Second Observatorium Deck

View from the Second Observatorium Deck

Second Observatorium Deck

Second Observatorium Deck (Left to right : Lil Sis, Big Sis, Miss Pepz, Mr Damz)

After we arrived at Haedong Yonggusa , Sung oppa lead us to the temple. Along the way to the temple, there are so many people selling something, from clothes, souvenirs, foods, even vegetables. We already tempting to stop and eat in some stand that really really make us drooling. Just for your information, we only have 3 samgak kimbap for breakfast, so we are pretty hungry right now. But, we decided to eat after this. We keep walking after we found Chinese Zodiac statue, Sung oppa gave us some coins, he said that put the coin on the statue and make a wish. So we go to our statue based on our chinese zodiac, Lil Sis is Goat, Mr damz is Horse, Big sis is Snake, and Miss Pepz is Dragon, yes we have different chinese Zodiac. And Sung oppa is chicken. After put the coin, we took a photo with the statue, and found a Traffic Safety monument. I don’t know what for that pagoda there, maybe there are a lot of accident happened there before.


The Entrance


Trafic Safety Monument


Start Line to 108 stairs


One of corner at 108 stairs.

We must going down 108 steps before we can see the  beauty of the temple. Be careful because the stairs is slippery and there are so many people there. We also find a wishing pond. Sung oppa also gave us some coins, to make we throwed it there. Unfortunately, no one could make a score. It’s too hard. But, It’s fun, if I have more coin, I think i will keep try, but I didn’t have it and to ask Sung oppa to give us more is little bit wrong I think. So, we quitely continue our step to the temple.


Wishing Pond


Haedong Yonggung Main building


Decoration – So cute bikkhu

Maybe, because it was weekend, so it’s so crowded, there are so many people there. So,it’s hard to take a picture with no body behind you or no body in yout photo frame. So, after Sung oppa took us to temple, he said he will wait us in the car (as always), so we cab have our we time. Take photo every where, every spot, even silly photo. And then we going up to see Avalokitesvara, there are so many stairs to going there. From above we can see the whole area, we can see beautiful beach too. So beautiful.


Start Line to go upstairs

16 After that, we went down and go to another place. From above we can see that there are another statue in right side of the temple. So, we decided to go there. I think it is the statue of sea God,  but I am not sure. We enjoy the beach smell, the scenery, the wave sound, and of course taking photo. it’s a good place I think.


We took photo a lot in this spot, one by one. And suddenly the ahjumma that had already wait us too long, took our camere and said “you three stand there, I will took the photo of you” And we deligently nod our head and pose there. Thanks Ahjumma and Sorry Ahjumma ^^. Don’t ask where Mr Damz, at that time we alo don’t know where he is.


Throw the garbage correctly please !!!


Haedong Yonggung temple and the Avalokitesvare from Sea God area


Sea God Statue

After that we back to Sung oppa. But, the hungry stomach, made us stop in some food stand. First we buy Grill Octopus Legs. Delicious, not so hard to chew, and maybe because we were very starving, it’s taste very delicious. We also, stop to Oden stall. Eat some Oden and drink the soup. OMG, we are like native korean (It’s what i thought in my head). After full our stomach, we go to parking area to find Sung oppa.


The Grilled Squid, and Oden. In Oden stall, we can get the soup as much as we want. Just take the galss and fil it with soup, if you want it again, just take it agin, you can serve yourself

Sung oppa offered us to have lunch. and we agree right away. We just had our appetizer at Haedong Yonggung, and still hungry. He took us to the restaurant that sell bibimbap with sashimi. He said he usually go there in the summer if he surfing. It’s near Haeundae Beach and not so far from Haedong Yonggung. We buy 3 bibimbap, 1 sashimi, and 2 fish soup.



I think the restaurant is quite popular. There are a lot of customer even it’s just a small and old restaurant. Even some actor in Korea have come there. So many autogrpah in their wall.




Bancchan. We got Seaweed jeon and Sea weed porridge. it’s so delicious… ^^


Sashimi Bibimbap

This is so delicous. The best bibimbap that we ever had. And actually we couldn’t fins it in another place, Jeju or Seoul. the fish is so fresh, chewy, so delicious with gocujang and the other vegetables. The restaurant is also generous. The sashimi is a lot.



I don’t know what fish that they use for this. But It’s really fresh and the fish is so chewy. With wasabi between the rice and fish. So delicious. Hmmm, i want go there again. The sashimi is jjang. two thumps up.


Fish soup

It’s a fish soup. Korean people always have soup in their table. So Sung oppa also order it for us. It contains some tofu, vegetables, and of course fish (head fish). I don’t know why sung oppa just drink the soup, but not eat the tofu, orr the fish. And I followed him, I drink the soup (from the same bowl with him heheheh), and just took a little bit of tofu. The soup is so refreshing, the tofu is so soft. Enak Enak Enak ^^


We took photo with restaurant ahjumma ^^

After we finished our meal, we took a photo with ahjumma. At first she think that we need her help to take a photo of us with Sung oppa, and we think sung oppa also think like that. So, it’s funny think when we explained it to them what we want. hahaha. but the important thing, we got the photo. And continue our journey. I think, it’s already a long long, very long writing, si i will stop it here. Please wait next posting patiently, I will continue it as soon as possible. ^^ By. Lil Sis

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