Autumn in Korea – Day 2 (Busan) – APEC House, Mermaid Statue, Oryukdo Skywalk, Seomyeon

I will continue story about our trip in Korea, Autumn in Korea, this is already part 4 of my story. You can find previous part of my story in this link part 1, part 2, and part 3.

So, We still at Busan in our second day. We start our trip little bit late this morning, we go to Haedong yonggusa temple, and rom then we had lunch not so far from the temple. After lunch, we continue our journey (Every time I type journey, I think about Journey to the West (Tong Sam Cong, Sung Go Kong and friends, I don’t know why 😛 ), we go to an Observation Deck, from there we can see Haeundae Beach.


Photo by Sung Oppa – Us with Cloudy sky and not so blue sea

In this deck, we meet a couple that really really sweet. They are not young anymore, maybe already over 50. The man has a love sticker in his cheek,  they walk together with hiking outfit, but the guy bring a radio , play a very old song I think, and walking side by side, holding hand , stop to taking picture, the vibe is so romantic and make you happy to see how happy they are.

After take some time, enjoy the scenery and fresh air there. Sung oppa took us to someplace that actually we don’t know where is this. He just stop in front of a hotel. He will wait us here in the car, and we can going around near the hotel. At first I don’t get it, why he want us to circle this park, It’s look just like a park for me. until I see some sign board, that in the park, I can see APEC house, I can see mermaid statue and many more. it’s so nice park i think.


Photo By : Lil Sis –  The Sign that open my mind

We decided to go to the right first, to APEC house, 0.5 km it’s not too far, we walking slowly and enjoy the air. the is so fresh and our eyes also spoiled by green and autumn tree. There are so many people walking here like us to enjoy the air , old, young, even baby go there or walking. and the bad news it the road is uphill, so even only a half kilo, it’s pretty tired for us, the youngster who already has elder stamina. So, we decide to just walk slowly, and rest a bit in rest area for answer what a lot of people nature call. And we founs a eally good spot to take a photo near the toilet.


Photo by : Lil Sis – The view in front o our toilet


Left taken by : Lil Sis Right taken by : Miss Pepz A lot of stairs but the view is so gorgeous

I think this place it’s really good to enjoy autumn, with so many tree that start to turn into red, yellow, and orange. After we feel enough taking photo near toilet, we continue to find APEC house. After we arrived there, we enter that place, it’s free , there is no admission fee. We go to the hall, the lace that all of president or leader from participating country, sit in circle. And sure what i want to find first is where is My president sat when he attend this event in 2005 (at that time, our President is Mr. SBY ) . We walking around that place, we also know this place as one of running man shooting avenue. They ever play name tag ripping here. talking photo every where. We go to the back side of APEC house, we can see a beautiul garden that facing the sea. in the garden there are some podium that used for all of participant to take photo using hanbok (traditional Korean outfit). And of course we find where is Mr SBY place at that time. and take a photo at the same spot like him.


Photo By : Iam not sure APEC house, please find Mr SBY in hanbok


Photo by : Big Sis Pretend to see something, I don’t have coin to use. What do you call this binocular, I called it “Teropong Koin”

From APEC house we walked to Observation deck. There are a light house there and some “teropong koin”, I dont know what it called in Indonesia and in Englich, it’s just what I call it “teropong koin”, we can use the binocular after we enter the coin. the description in there, that we can see japan island if the weather is clear with the “teropong coin”. But it’s not that clear, so I think it’s just waste money to use the “teropong coin”. The light house is not so big, but I really don’t like it, so many hand writing in the wall of the light house. It’s make the light house so dirty from outside I think.  from the observation deck, we also can see the APEC house.


Photo By : Big Sis Model : Lil Sis From Observation deck, some sunlight like I will get enlightmen, sea, and APEC house

So smart i think, the Korean people. They make a cool avenue with an international event that hold in their country. Make it so beautiful and when the event is over, it become tourist attraction and can be place for their local to recreation. Indonesia must learn from them in tourism aspect I think. We continue our journey, after walking uphill from the star until the observation deck, we finally walking down hill. We go to mermaid Statue right now. To go there, to see the statue near we must use bouncy bridge. it’s not scary thing, i enjoy to cross the bouncy bridge, but believe me, don’t use the bridge with kids. You will bounce bounce and go to left and right because they Jump in the bridge.


Photo By : Lil Sis Model : Mermaid Statue

There is story about this statue, I read it in the description sign near the statue but poor me, I forgot it already. What I remember is the king falling in love with a princess from sea, and then they are married, but the princess is miss her hometown,  and the mermaid statue is that princess. but I am not sure, maybe someday when I comeback to Busan I can read the description again and remember it. and edit my story here pr if readers know the exactly stories about this statue, just give comment to my blog.

From The statue we are going back to parking area to meet Sung oppa. The park is pretty cold i think, but because we walk a lot, our body become hot. I got  my first experience see my breath here. When we breath from out mouth something like smoke appeared. i make us so excited, we never can do that before in our hot climate country. Hahahaha. Little bit “Katro”


Photo By : Big Sis – Model : Lil Sis – The gate to Oryukdo Skywalk



Photo by Lil Sis – Oryukdo Skywalk description

Our next destination is sky walk, Oryukdo Sky walk. It’s located at a cliff, it’s like the extension of the cliff, with glass floor, so we can see sea under us. Not too scary, but an interesting tourismn object i think.  It give us sensation walking in the  sky. And don’t worry because it’s safe. We must take off our shoes or sandal when step on the glass floor because they don’t want our shoes scratch the glass or maybe left some dirt and make the glass is dirty and we can see clear sea under it.


Photo By : Lil Sis – Oryukdo Skywalk side view

Photo By : Sung oppa Model : Lil Sis, Miss Pepz, Big Sis, Mr Damz  After walking in thesky, pose with the power that gave us the skill

Photo By : Sung Oppa
Model : Lil Sis, Miss Pepz, Big Sis, Mr Damz
After walking in the sky, pose with the power that gave us the power

After taking photo a lot here, we decided to going home. Sung oppa has another appointment tonight with his girlfriend, so we must going home soon. Actually we still have time, so He offered us to go to Viking (it is like “Kora Kora” in “Dufan”) – but we want to go to Taejongdae,  but he told us is very far, if we go there, he willbe vwery late coming to his girl tonight. Really unfortunate, Taejongdae is very famous and beside that we also want to see Sung oppa cafe there (Sung oppa opened a coffee shop in Taejongdae – find him if you go there). So, after so many thought we decide to go home early and the walking to Seomyeon- it’s just 3 min from Sung oppa apartement, so close right.

Because maybe tonight is the last time we meet Sung oppa, because we must go to airport in the morning, and Sung oppa may be not at home yet, so we ask him something. We ask him to call a taxi or us to go to airport tomorrow and we gave him a souvenir from Indonesia , we gave him “Wayang”. He really love it, from his expression, i guess he really really like it. And I think his mom also like it, and to show us how gratitude they are, his mom gave us night snack. After we going home after strolling in Seomyeon area, She gave us a plate full of snack.

Photo by : Lil Sis Night Snack from Sung oppa Mom

Photo by : Lil Sis
Night Snack from Sung oppa Mom

Ok back to Seomyeon, at first we decided to go alone to Seomyeon but Sung oppa said he had a time to taking us around the seomyeon , so at least we know how to get there and how to ind way home. And actually we never imagined that the Seomyeon is so closed by his aprtement. It’s just cross the road and you arrived. At the way to Seomyeon, we ind ahjumma that sell snack that filled with peanut. Sung oppa stop and buy it for us, we actually pretty hungry so we eat it deliciously.

Photo By : Lil Sisnight  Night Snack bought by Sung oppa or us <3

Photo By : Lil Sisnight
Night Snack bought by Sung oppa or us ❤

The snack, what should i call this snack? it’s like “kue cubit” or “bolu” in Indonesia, but it illed with peanut. It has peanut shape that filled with peanut paste, and there are walnut shape that maybe filled with walnut paste (I am not sure about what the filling taste like, so I just make some assumption here because o the shap, so correct if somebody know what is it). Sung oppa also bought us tteokbokki, it’s the first tteokbokki we had in South Korea. And we ate it at an ahjumma stall, like native korean. The portion is quite big, so we just bought 1 portion and share it around five of us. We make sure it’s not make us too full before the real dinner.

Photo by : Lil Sis Tteokbokki

Photo by : Lil Sis

Sung oppa not just buy us some food, he also take us around. Show us something interest in Seomyeon. SO many restaurant give sample in front of the restaurant. Sung oppa with a lot of energy, point it and pull us to get the sample. It’s so interesting right. It feel like we in the game of treasure hunting, and if we see it, we will be very happy and run there immediately. Interesting to see that side of Sung oppa.

Photo by : Lil Sis Seomyeon  Area

Photo by : Lil Sis
Seomyeon Area


Photo by : Lil Sis Seomyeon Area

 There are so many thing in Seomyeon, When yoou enter that place, it’s like Nampo dong, but in nampo there are more tourist than here, maybe because nampo dong more amous with BIFF, so many youngster strolling there. But in Seomyeon, majority is local, and not so crowd like Nampo dong. But the neon light it’s really daebak. when you enter the area, you will be welcome by  sign board that shine brightly. There are so many thing there, there are some bar, restaurant, coffe shop, flower shop, even Motel. So, when we want to choose a restaurant for dinner, it’s so hard, really hard, because there are so many restaurant that looks so good and nice. Sung oppa leave us after gave us fast tour at Seomyeon. So, we must walking around alone here.

We decide to eat chicken. Miss Pepz have read an blog that said in Seomyeon there are a restaurant that called Buffalo Chicken. It’s so delicious, so we decided to find it, and have dinner there. And We find a  restaurant that have so funny mascot in front of their restaurant. So we decided to enter that place, we arenot sure about is the restaurant is buffalo chicken or not, Miss  pepz pretty sure about that so we just enter, we are really really hungry by the way. We are welcomed by a girl, she took us to a table inside, and give us the menu,but not talking to much because she know we can speak Korean, and we think she not fluent in english too. Because after that, we order ,we asked something, we pay with a guy that talking english with us, not so good but at least we can communicate well.

We ordered one portion bbq chicken and one portion fried chicken. They gave me porridge at first, the porridge contain black sesame seed i think, it has the sesame aroma and it is black porridge. yummy. They also give us a lot of sauce, I don’t know exactly what the sauce, but i prefer not use any sauce for the chicken, but it’s already so  delicious. The BBQ chicken come first, and it’s very big portion. They also give us a scissors and some tongs to help us eat the chicken without make our hand dirty. The first time I eat fried chicken without getting dirty hand.

Photo by : Lil Sis Last Dinner at busan

Photo by : Lil Sis
Last Dinner at busan – the chicken is so cute ^^

Photo By : Lil Sis Our Last dinner at busan, Chicken party

Photo By : Lil Sis
Our Last dinner at busan, Chicken party

Photo by : Lil Sis BBQ Chicken

Photo by : Lil Sis
BBQ Chicken

BBQ chicken is so delicious, it’s still moist, the maridate is also  very delicious and get along well with the chicken. They also give us some veggie, so we try to make some wrapped chicken meat here, get the perilla leaf, some veggir, kimchi and of course chicken. Hmmm so delicious. Big Sis, Miss Pepz and Mr Damz, don’t like the perilla leaf, but Lil Sis is okay with that. The perilla give some unique aroma i think.

Photo By : Lil SIs Fried Chicken

Photo By : Lil SIs
Fried Chicken

This is the fried chicken, it is also very yummy. The outside is so crunchy, and had some herb there, maybe lemon but i am not sure, but it make a fresh bite of the chicken. the meat also still moist and juicy. At the plate you can see something white and have a tube shape right. Actually it is a fried tteokbokki.  yummy. Overall this restaurant id so recommended for me, I give it 9.5/10. It also have beer here, we know that Korean enjoy eating fried chicken with beer, we also see so many people eat fried chicken with beer.

After very very full eating all of the chicken, we going back to Sung oppa house. But we stopped by at mini mart first. Miss Pepz bought a bottle of soju, coffee, samgak kimbap for our breakfast tommorow. And tonigh, with Sung oppa’s mother Snack with  drink Soju. We just take a sip one by one, and the Miss Pepz and Mr Damz finish it. We also find a Raspberry wine is refrigerator, Sung oppa told us we can get everything from the refrigerator, so we took it. We don’t finish it, we just take a sip to taste it. And for me I prefer the raspberry wine, because it’s more sweet and i think it’s  more traditional wine. But soju is stronger

Photo by : Lil Sis Soju vs Raspberry Wine

Photo by : Lil Sis
Soju vs Raspberry Wine

So, our last night in Busan is like this. Drink alcohol. Not a lot, we just drink a bottle of soju and maybe just a glas of raspberry wine that we shared it for 4 people. No body feel tipsy, but it help us warm our body and sleep easily.

This is it, Our Day 2 in South Korea is finish. We sleep after clean our body for better tommorow. Next day we must go to airport in the morning and catch the flight to Jeju Island. So wait for next post, because it’s about farewell with busan and Jeju do.

Thanks for reading – Keep reading please 😀

By : Lil Sis


2 thoughts on “Autumn in Korea – Day 2 (Busan) – APEC House, Mermaid Statue, Oryukdo Skywalk, Seomyeon

  1. hilda says:

    how much does it cost for one portion chicken bbq? is it enough for 3-4 people? cause I see from picture, it’s like big portion

    • Sister's Stories says:

      Hi Hilda,
      First, sorry for late reply.
      I got a lot of work this day, and I just too busy to open my blog.
      Yes, the portion is big, we are 4 people and order 2 portion, so our tummy is nearly burst.
      I don’t remember the price exactly, but I think it’s around 10,000 KRW -15,000KRW

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