Autumn in Korea – Day 3 (Busan – Jeju) – Good Bye Busan & Hello Jeju

Hi, I want to continue my story about Autumn in Korea, It’s already story about out 3rd day in South Korea. Today our itinerary is Go to Jeju Island, from busan to Jeju, That’s why the title is “Good bye Busan & Hello Jeju”. We are so excited too go there, because from what we hear and what we read, Jeju is beautiful island with so many tourist attraction, beach, museum, and a lot of delicious food. We will fly to Jeju with Jeju Air. We already asked Sung oppa to call Taxi for us, we will fly around 12 p.m, but because of afraid with traffic, sung oppa told us to go early. So he book taxi for 10 a.m.

Photo By Lil Sis View from our room @Sung Oppa house

Photo By Lil Sis
View from our room @Sung Oppa house

Photo By : Big Sis Garbage arrangement

Photo By : Big Sis
Garbage arrangement @Sung oppa House

We wake up as always, start from Bis Sis, Me, Miss pepz, and Mr Damz. We take a bath, breakfast with some samgak kimbap and because the house is empty, taking photo everywhere. We are ready before 10, and wait patiently. We will go down to basement at 10 a.m to wait the driver. but before that Sung oppa came with his girlfriend just in time we will go down wait in basement. He told us, the taxi driver will call where he arrived, so just stay at home and go down when he call. So, we sit at the living room and watching TV with Sung oppa and his girl. But 10 am already passed and no call from the driver. Sung oppa call him, but no answer. OMG, we already had panic attack. Sung oppa keep call, and finally taxi driver answer it, Sungoppa talked with Korean language, but with his expression and how he talk, we know that he angry with the driver like “Why you not arrived yet, it’s already late”, He called the driver so many time because the driver seem angry too and closed the phone. At 10.30 am the driver called again and said he already at basement. Sung oppa told us, and help us to brought out luggage to basement. OMG, it’s the time to say good bye to our Oppa, I want to hug him so bad, but shake hand is already enough >_<

Photo By : Lil Sis Waiting Room @ Gimhae Airpport
Photo By : Lil Sis
Waiting Room @ Gimhae Airpport
Photo by : Lil Sis Amazed with this Smart Charity box

Photo by : Lil Sis
Amazed with this Smart Charity box

We found Cafe Pascucci there, and because we just eat little for brakfast, Miss pepz buy sandwich there. After order and pay, they give Miss Pepz beeper, that will beep beep when the sandwich is ready. So, we don’t need to wait in front of the cafe, and can sit anywhere that we like. They allso give garlic bread for complimentary.

Photo By : Lil Sis n Miss Pepz While waiting for fight to jeju

Photo By : Lil Sis n Miss Pepz
While waiting for fight to jeju


Photo By : Lil Sis before sleep – Busan Air

So, after a while, it’s time to fly. We use Busan Air to go to Jeju.  It’s quite a good plane. The space between our chair with chair in front of us is quite spacious. We also get free drink, I don’t know what kind of drink, because as I  sit at the chair I quickly sleep. I know about this drink because Big Sis told me, the stewardess gave them orange juice, but I already asleep so I didn’t get one. From Busan to Jeju is not take a long time , approximately 1 hour.

Photo By : Lil Sis Miss Pepz with a plane in Jeju Airport

Photo By : Lil Sis
Miss Pepz with a plane in Jeju Airport

After 1 hour we arrived at Jeju. We took all of our baggage and go to our Car Rental booth. We already book a car , we made a booking when we was in Indonesia, We compare so many car rental and finally the cheapest one and have the car that we want is AJ Rent a Car . So, we go there, show them our reservation, but we are really really disappointed . The staff told us that we can not drive with their car because we are from Indonesia, International driving license from Indonesia is not permitted here. It’s really strange, in their website, when we book the car, we already choose that we are from Indonesia, and there is no validation or notification that Indonesia is banned to drive in Korea. From what I read, we Read, all of country that inlcude in Geneva convention can drive at Seoul, AJ car rental also state the condition in their website, and Indonesia is part of Geneve Convention , here is the proof. You can find Indonesia and find it there, Indonesia join at 1958. But they keep reject us because we are from Indonesia, and in their list country, there is no Indonesia. So disappointed. Our plan will absolutely fail if we can not get a car.

Photo by : Lil Sis Miss Pepz and Mr Damz start argue with AJ staff

Photo by : Lil Sis
Miss Pepz and Mr Damz start argue with AJ staff

Then we go to other car rental booth beside AJ, and find Kumho, it’s actually our first option to rent a car, but AJ is more cheap so we went to AJ. But same ther, we rejected once again. We mad, we confused. So, our last option ther, Jeju Rent Car. It’s the best car rent in Jeju, but it’s so expensive, we must pay double from the other car rental. So we never make it as option. But I know why it become the best, because the service is so good. We ask them about can Indonesia drive here, they check their list, they check our driving license, and she said ok. It’s not problem. Wow, it’s so happy to hear, but the problem is quite expensive and will ruin our budget. But we don’t have any choice. So we rent the car from Jeju rent car. But, we must rent a phone too, it’s the condition from Jeju rent car, they said we need handphone so we or they can call us if there some trouble happen. So, we quickly go to Olleh and rent a phone there, not a smartphone type, just a simple phone. It’s really took our time a lot and really took our money a lot. I really really disappointed with AJ, their website, their service, I think they didn’t want to double check it, maybe we are their first Indonesia customer, and they never had before, so they are not sure if Indonesia is Ok or not Ok and reject us.

So, after a long way to wait, angry,mad, and so tired because all of shock that we got. We finnally get the car. Some staff took us to her friend that wait outsite to pick us up to the  car. He drove us to a parking area, show us the car that we will use. But before that, the administrative is must completed first, so Miss Pepz and Mr Damz followed the staff to their office and finish the administrative. It’s just about payment and double check the driving license. After that they back with ahjusi that check the condition of car and help us set the GPS, even teach us how to use it. And then we ready set go. Because it’s the first time we use car with the driver seat in the left, it’s awkward , so Mr Damz, our driver drove it around the parking area before we go to the real road. He told us, it’s confusing at begining, but a man has the drive instinct so he quickly adjusted.

Photo by : Lil Sis The Car that finnaly we got after a long drama

Photo by : Lil Sis
The Car that finnaly we got after a long drama

Well, I think this post is enough, I will continue our story in Jeju and Korea in my next post.

If you wanto to know about drive in korea, you can check this page.

And this is page for jeju rent car, but it in Korean lang, so if you can not read Korean letter, I think it’s hard to understand.

By : Lil Sis

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