Totem Room Escape, Challenge yourself to escape from the fear locked forever

Well, one day Miss Peps said to us Let’s play Escape Room game. And after she said that, she send us a lot of info about that, the game, the room decoration, hoe to play, the price, the venue, all abount escape room game. Make us really really excited to play. So, on last weekend, Me (Lil Sis), Big Sis, Miss Pepz, and 3 friend of Big Sis and Miss Pepz went to play this game. We choose Totem escape Room, it’s located at Tanjung Duren, Jakarta Barat, near Central park Mall. You can check more about Totem Room escape here.

Before I tell you about our experience there, I will give you briefly explanation about this game. Escape the roomm is actually a game, we usually play it on our mobile phone or our PC. In the game, we locked up at a room, and we must find something to open the door and escape from that room. The game is something like that, if you ever play it on your mobile phone, i bet you know what I mean in my bad explanation.. The point is, we were locked inside the room, and we must find way out to escape from that room and breath a fresh air.

Back to my experience. In Totem, they have 5 room in different Level, The room from level 1 to level 5 are Locked in Darkland, Egyption Secret, Kidnapped, Mission impossible, and Prison Break. To play in The Level 5 Prison Break Room, you must already passed the other room. because it the hardest room, and even we can not use short or skirt if want to play there. It is super hard to escape room according to the staff. Because we are newbie, so we choose Level 2 room Egyption Secret.

Miss Pepz made a reservation from the website, but no confirmation at all. So Miss Pepz called , and the staff said they forget the admin password to login into the web, so they can not look the reservation from the web. OMG. Finally we made a reservation via phone, we booked Egyption Secrret at 2 pm on Saturday 6 people. FYI, The maximum people for Egyption secret is 6 people. We paid 115K IDR for one person. The price is depend on how many people play. Because we play as 6 people, we paid 690K IDR.

So, when the time come, we go to Totem escape room, and made a payment and begged the staff to give us more time. We were only given 50 minutes, it is not enough for newbie like us. But, the staff didn’t budge, she just told us if we find it hard, just wave to the camera, and the staff will come give us a hint. So, the time to enter the room come and we entered. but before that we must, take all of our bag, phone, inside the locker. We cannot bring anything to the room beside our clothes. Even in some room, we can not use belt or watch.

Because we choose Egyption secret, we enter one by one, started from our leader, and we choose Miss Pepz friend who already played there once. But he play Locked in the darkland. And the last person to enter is me. One by one enter, and our foot is locked with chain and they locked it with a pad lock. When Lil Sis enter, the staff want to chain my foot too, but the chain is stuck at the floor so, she can not get it, and Lil Sis is free. No chain on my foot. Hehehehe.

So, the game is we must open the chain in our foot first, the first person that can open the chain is leader, the clue to open the leader lock is in that room. And after that the leader must find the key to open the other chain. because I already free I help the leader. I think they free me because we begged so much before to extend our time, but because thay can  not do that they make it easier for us. Anyway, the room is super dark. and they just give us a small torch. So , it’s pretty hard to find the clue.

Because we are play on the Egyption Secret room, of course there are some mummy coffin there, and a lot of sands like in dessert. Bones, heads, treasure chest with creepy backsound. The room is not have a good air conditioning, very hot inside, and because there are a bunch of sand there, it become dusty. For anyone who claustrophobic, never play Escape Room or you will die inside.

We already escape from the chain room, and we already enter the last stage. but unfortunately we failed, time is over. the staff entered the room to force us to go out. Sad why we can not escape, and really really curious about the clue.

How is my feeling play Escape the room? Hmmm, before I enter the room, i feeling excited, can not wait to play. The moment when one by one enter the room and and wait because i last to enter, really panic and my heart is racing inside. When play, happy when we can solved the clue, excited when we can open something or find something, feeling stupid when we ask for a hint and actually it is so easy to solved. Feeling gloomy when I didn’t know what to do anymore, feeling sad when the time is over and we failed. Feel curious when see the staff outside, and we start to ask where the other clue. So many feeling I fell on 1 hour because play this game.

So, if you like to solve a mystery and maybe bored with playing game on your phone, you must try escape room. Bring your fun friend with you and try to escape the room together. There are so many place that provide the game like this. You can choose to play Totem like us, or anywhere that near your place.

Miss Pepz and Big Sis, play Doraemon theme escape room at Serpong the day after we failed. They got 90 minutes, and they made it. Success. It become addictive I think, even we jokingly said we will play it at least once a month after payday.

 By : Lil Sis


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