AUTUMN IN KOREA – DAY 5(JEJU) – Dongmun Market , Isaac Toast, Burim Land Jimjilbang

Still at Day 5 and still in Jeju, from Seongsan Ilchubong we went to fill out hungry stomach. We go to market, Dongmun Market. With the GPS, it’s so easy to reach the market.The hard place is to find a parking area. Thanks for the GPS, the also showed us the parking area, but we must went to several place, before we find empty parking area. I think the land is owned by locals, so there are an Ahjussi sit in a small hut in corner of the parking area, he is a keeper of this parking area, so we must get the parking ticket from him first before leave our car park there.
At that time, we want to do our business, so we start to find where is the toilet. we entered the 1st mart we find, and she pointed to us the nearest toilet. It’s located in front of government office. The toilet is clean,the problem is there is no tissue, so prepare it by yourself ya.


Dongmun Market


Dongmun Market – Welcome sign

We entered the market and amazed with a lot of shop sell orange there, so range and neatly form a line. We walked inside and see fish shop, they sell sashime there, shrimp, squid, abalone. We found some shop sell vegetable, kimchi shop, they sell a lot of type of kimchi. Some shop sell dried fish, household appliances, clother, I think it’s simmilar with Indonesia market. They also sell food there. And the main reason we go to this market is for market food. It’s pretty hard to find, we choose the wrong way, so we didn’t find any food stall. When we find one, we entered  it directly.


Dongmun Market

The food stall sell tteokboki and friends. At first we bought kimbap, sundae, gyoza, and tteokbokki, to share for four of us. But next we bought oden too. The price is not expensive, so we eat a lot, we even bought another kimbap after we finish the first. Kimbap is 1500 KRW, oden 2000 KRW, gyoza 2000 KRW, tteokbokki 3000 KRW, sundae 3000 KRW. Oh yeah, the water is free flow here. we just need to wal to the dispenser.


Food Menu


Kimbap – 1500 KRW


Sundae – 3000 KRW

I don’t really like sundae. I think the texture is weird. the taste also weird too. Sundae is a Korean dish made generally by boiling or steaming cow or pig’s intestines that are stuffed with with cellophane noodles (dangmyeon), barley, and pork blood. It served with pork liver and salt.


Gyoza – 2000 KRW


tteokboki – 3000 KRW


Oden – 2000 won

We almost bought all menu is that food stall.The most I like is kimbap, then oden because it’s pretty cold outside, so the soup make me feel warm. Beside that, the soup is free flow, we can ask for more. But the sundae is not my style I think. Miss pepz like it, especially the liver, but even in my hometown i rarely eat innards, so it’s really not my style.

From our research before we go to Korea, we found a lot of people post in their blog about Isaac toast. So we interest to buy and try it too, because it sound yummy. In our way going back from Dongmun market to parking area, we founs Isaac toast. So, we buy it. The stall is just small stall, there are just 2-3 chairs inside the store, and there is just 2 people that work there, 1ahjuhmma and 1 young lady. Ahjumma charge for prepare the toast, and the young lady charge for wrapped it, cleaning, and prepare the ingredient for ahjumma.


Isaac Toast


Isaac Toast – Process order

It’s easy to order here, because the menu is in English. But it’s confusing because there is too many menu, so hard to choose one from them.


Isaac Toast – step by step


Isaac Toast – the result

The taste is quite good, but i think is not really special. Just like the other sandwich. But it’s fresh because we order and they cook in front of us. So it’s still hot and because I eat it in the middle of autumn night. It’s become some kind of comfort food i think. But I don’t think I will stop again to another issac toast stall to buy another toast. I prefer another korean street food I think. Anyway, there are a lot of  branch of this toast, you can find it everywhere in Seoul.

Our last activity in Jeju is Jimjilbang. Jimjilbang is a 24-hour, gender-segregated bathhouses featuring relaxing hot and cold soaking pools, bathing and massage areas, various saunas, entertainment lounges, and communal sleeping rooms. We already in Korea, so of course we want to experience how local do, and jimjilbang is one of them. We decided to sleep in the jimjilbang one night before our flight to Seoul next morning. We decided to go to Burim Land – Jimjilbang because it is near from the airport. We will have early flight next morning, so we are afraid we can not return the car, because maybe the rental is not open yet, so we decided to go to Jimjilabnag first, me and Big Sis with all of our luggage is the first to enter the jimjilbang, while Miss Pepz and Adams return the car.
We check in first, We paid 9000 KRW for bath and we can use communal area, but if you just want to take a bath then it will be cheaper. there are locker inside the jimjilbang, but our luggage is too big, so we just entrusted it to receptionist, she help us to save our luggage in the office. Big Sis and I entered the jimjilbang. Burim land has 3 floor, 1dt floor for Woman bathroom, 2nd floor for man bathroom, and the last is for communal area. When we enter the woman area, there are alot of shoes locker, choose one, and save your locker, lock the locker, and dont forgeet to get the key. After that you will enter the room where all naked woman will pass over and over again in front of you without feeling awkward.
We got a shirt and a pant in orange colour for us to wear in communal area. We also got some towels, maybe 3 or 4 towels and a locker key, to save our clothes and our’s really shocked me, how with confident to the max a lady walk naked in front of me, even a group of them while chatting each other. Cultural shocked, panic attack attaked me. So Big Sis and I just walk calmly to our locker. We must take a bath because we feel so sweaty and dirty, so we really use our rhino skin. Naked in front of locke, bring our toiletries and trying to cover our private area with the towel and enter the bath room. The bath area is so big, there are some shower, some sitting shower, some sauna room, some hot tube and cold tube. The hot tube has different temperature. I didn’t try to enter the hot tube, I just clean myself in shower. After that I quickly dried my self, use the clothes and pamper my self while waiting Miss pepz return from airport. After Miss Pepz is return, she decided not to take a bath bacause there are some group of tourist from China invaded the jimjilbang. So Miss pepz was little bit shy with a lot of people there and then We directly going upstairs after Miss Pepz finish changes her clother into jimjilbang clothes. We wait Mr Damz in front of Food stall in 3rd floor. There is a TV there. Not so long Mr Dams showed up and said he dizzy to see a lot of man naked, he even showed up with wet hair, too dizzy too dried his hair first.


Jimjilbang – Burim land – Sikhye , ramen Cup, boiled Egg

We ordered a cup ramen, a cup of sikhye, and 4 boiled egg. They sell a lot of food, like mandu, nengmyeon, porridge, but we still full of market shopping, so we just buy this. Sikhye is so good, must buy item in Jimjilbang. We even bought it again next morning when we wake up. Sikhye is a traditional sweet Korean rice beverage, usually served as a dessert. In addition to its liquid ingredients, sikhye contains grains of cooked rice


Jimjilbang -Burim Land , Alkaggi, Salt room

After eat, we found  alkaggi board there. So we took it to our table and played it. And make a little Alkaggi championship there. Of course I win. Hahahaha. After tired play, and we must wake up early, so we went to communal room, and tried to salt sauna room, but it’s too hot so we just took a photo there and leave. We secure spot in a dark corner, secure some mattress, and sleep. If you want to sleep in jimjilbang, you must sleep before the other sleep, because after other sleep it will be hard to sleep , because the snore sounds will reverberate all over the room. And you also make sure you sleep in jimjilbang near your friend, because it will be full with drunk people. So it think it will be safe with your friend beside you.

So this is my 5th day. Too many nature exploration and try street food. But it’s extremely fun. Wait for our stories in Seoul in our next post. Thanks for reading.

By : Lil Sis



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    • Sister's Stories says:

      Hi Erika lie,

      Awalnya sih, sim international kita ditolek sama tempat rent a car yang udah jadi incaran. Tapi kita cobain deh ke semua tempat sewa mobil yang ada. Dan akhirnya SIM nya diterima sa JEJU RENT A CAR. the most expensive sih, but apa daya, yang terima cuma tempat itu doang.

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