AUTUMN IN KOREA – DAY 6(SEOUL) – Gyeongbokgung , Gwanghwamun, Cheonggyecheon Stream, Mr.Pizza

Continue my story Autumn in Korea, this post is about what we did in Seoul. This is our 1st day in Seoul but already 6th day we are in South Korea. We already falling in love with South Korea, the food, the culture, the scenery, and Seoul made us love autumn and Korea more. It’s a big city with so many thing there. In metropolitan area, it’s hard for us to find a good tourist spot, with culture and nature combine well. But in Seoul they maintain their culture and their legacy so well. Their heritage is still standing in the right place magnificently, maybe it is not exactly same with what it is in their glorious day. But at least Korean try really hard to keep it alive. In this aspect I think Indonesia need to  learn from South Korea. Because I believe Indonesia have a lot of things to be showed off to other people too.


Gyeongbokgung area – love yellow tree


Gyeongbokgung Area – Seeing full yellow tree like this, pose with it is a must I think.

Well, after we ate, we go to Gyeongbokgung. It’s not hard to find it, because it’s so big, we find the wall first and keep walking side by side with the wall until we found the gate. We entered from side gate, not the main gate. The first thing we saw is, there is a big tree, with all leaves in yellow. Beautiful. There is a wedding photo session in that place too. We start to walk to the main entrance from there, in our path I met a moslem man pray “sholat” under a tree. Amazing right, some people said it’s hard to pray in other country, it’s hard to find the right place, but I mean every religion believe God is everywhere right, as long as we really mean it, I think everywhere you pray , no matter what people will say, God will never reject your prayer.



We went straight to the main entrance, and buy ticket to the locket. We plan to go to all palace, so we buy integrated ticket palace. The price is 10,000 KRW and we can used it for enter 4 palaces (Changdeokgung Palace (including Huwon, Secret Garden), Changgyeonggung Palace, Deoksugung Palace, Gyeongbokgung Palace) and Jongmyo Shrine. But if you just want visit Gyeongbokgung, you can buy ticket 3,000 KRW for it. We want to attend English tour, but we arrived too soon. So we took a walk by our self first.


Gyeongbokgung – (Left to right) 1st picture – I really like the leaves color. 2nd Picture – it’s actually a ditch, full of water in its era. 3rd picture – I really like pillars, and somehow full of mysterious aura


Gyeongbokgung – Love the color and how nice the window and door neatly arranged


Gyeongbokgung – King’s meeting room

When the time nearly arrive, we go to in front of the information center at Heungnyemun Gate  waiting for tour guide. The English tour will star at 15.30 and the duration is 1 – 1,5 hours.  The tour start on time. Our tour guide is a woman, she used hanbok and brought a little umbrella with her. She also used mic so we can hear her clearly. She start told us about gyeongbokgung and how hard their effort to restore all the building in the palace. They have target to finish restore it as soon as possible, when I went there they are in the middle restoring the kitchen palace.


Gyeongbokgung – English Tour

From the meeting point , she lead us to enter the palace. Explain to us each building in the palace. The interior, the painting, and the history about the palace. She also told us the detail about this palace, there are a path in this palaca that connected all place from Main gate. The path divided into 3  columns, the midle one is King’s path, only Kingcan walk in that path. Minister, officer, even the queen and the prince can not walk in the  midle. Even for the door, King has special door for him,the biggest door is King’s door. So, if you want have a bit taste become a King, just walking in the midle path. ^_^

She also told us about South Korea and North Korea. Her father from North, his parents, brother and sister still in the North, since the war , he has never seen his family again. So sad right. He even doesn’t know when his parent died or his family still alive or not. The war really dissociate them with their family and friends. They hope North and South will be united someday.


Gyeongbokgung – Our Tour Guide in action


(Top) Interior King’s meeting room – made by gold if I am not wrong. (Bottom) Pavilion, King’s best place to refresh his mind I think


Love the autumn leaves so much

FYI, in Gyeongbokgung, the toilet is pretty good I think. The roof is same with the palace roof, from outside it’s blend well with palace environment. Inside is clean too, But please bring your own tissue. Our photo above is near the toilet. When wait our member finish their things to do, we took a photo, snap snap snap.


When the palace guard change shift. it’s interesting too watch, but we couldn’t because we still inside palace, and the procession held outside. So we just saw it from a wall ventilation.

From Gyeongbokgung, we went to Gwanghwamun Square to see King Sejong statue and admiral Yi Sun Sin.  In Gwanghawun square, I find so many plant, nice color, brighten our evening.


Gwanghwamun decoration

Behind King Sejong Statue, there are a door into museum, I don’t know what the museum is, maybe King Sejong museum, because it fill out with King Sejong stories and Yi Sun Sin stories. We can see how King Sejong create hangul (Korean Alphabet), how he interested with astronomy, how Yi Sun Sin win all of his battle with his unique ship. It’s not too big, but we can learn a lot there, so if you visit gwanghwamun, You should visit this museum, at least you can take a photo in King throne.

King Sejong Statue

King Sejong Statue


King Sejong Museum


The popular Yi Sun Sin ship


Yi Sun Sin Statue

From Gwanghwamun Square, we took a walk to Cheonggyecheon Stream. This stream like Ciliwung stream in Jakarta, it cross Seoul like Ciliwung cross some part of Jakarta. Formerly, Cheonggyecheon same with Ciliwung, so dirty, so many illegal houses. But the mayor turn it into so bautiful stream, and make it become place you must visit if you are in Seoul. The water is not irty anymore, and become really clean and fresh, even in summer we canplay water there, like we play water at river in a village. The mayor did a good job I think, and if I not wrong, the mayor get the best mayor award in the world and become president right know. But I don’t really sure about president thing. Sorry >_<

In autumn – winter , there are lantern Festival here. When we come unfortunately, the festival is didn’t start yet. We find a lot of lanterns that already ready there, but the lanterns is not lit yet. So, we asked someone that I think the officer, because he in the middle made something for the lantern. And he said, comeback 2 or 3 days later.  Mr Damz challenged us to deep our foot to the stream, the water is so cold in autumn night. So at first we didn’t want to do that, but he tried it, and look at his expression, I really curious about it, so Miss Pepz, Big Sis and I tried it too. It’s cold, but still bearable. So refreshing too.




Deep your foot please

We are hungry now. We find a pizza restaurant, Mr. Pizza. So we entered that place, we were curious with pizza in korean. Fortunately the waiter can speak english well, and handsome too, nice body and nice face. So, we could order easily. We ordered 2 pizza,cheeze pizza and mushroom meat pizza. The gave us a bowl of pickle too. We asked for the chili sauce and tomato sauce, but they only has tabasco. This restaurant has buffet salad bar. But i think 2 pizza for 4 people is more than enough, because it’s so big. The taste is good, we can see the cheese cove the pizza very well, the dough not too thick, so, it’s delicious. But I never can eat a lot pizza, so it’s really hard for us to finished it.


Mr. Pizza


Mr. Pizza


Mr pizza and the pickles


Salad Bar

After eat, we went directly to our apartment. We already exhausted today. So we need take a rest plenty before continue our journey in Seoul. This is a glimpse of our apartment. we rent it via airbnb, out host name is Suhee. She is kind and helpful. it has 2 queen size bed, and 1 sofa bed. The apartment is spacios, we can freely move without bump with other. There is kitchen, microwave, refrigerator with freezer, so you can cook if you want. the bathroom is also clean, with a lot of clean towel, and you can use soap and shampoo freely. I will tell it more next time.


By : Lil Sis


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