Finally, I write this post. It’s already so long time since I have written my last post. Too much work, too busy even in the weekend, made me forget about continue my blog about Autumn in Korea. But Today Big Sis suddenly said she miss Korea so much after read this blog. And it make me think maybe I should write again, continue this story, to remind me again about our trip. And I think maybe there is some one that wait my story. Hahahaha.

So, Day 8 is our day to go to Nami Island. I think most of Korean Lover know about this island. So many Korean drama shoot their scenes in this island, romantic island and really famous island. So, Nami Island is must to go place if you visit South Korea.

Autumn in Nami Island

Autumn in Nami Island

Before we start our day, we visit restaurant in our apartment building again. Ahjumma remeber us, so she gave us English menu after saw us enter the restaurant. We decided to order Kimchi Mandu jigae, Pumpkin porridge and fired rice (bokeumbap). Mr. Damz choose to sleep  more that eat breakfast with us, so just me, Big Sis and Miss Peipz ate there. Mr Damz bought samgak kimbap in the convenient store for his breakfast.


Kimchi Jigae with mandu

I really like mandu in Korea. Every type of mandu is really delicious. This Kimchi Jigae is little bit sour for me, but not spicy. The jigae come with rice, because the weather is little bit cold, so eating jigae in the morning, warm your body.


Pumpkin Porridge

I really curious about pumpkin porridge. I read some blog before and the writer said she love the pumpkin porridge. I even watch or read blog about plastic surgery they said pumpkin porridge good for recovery after surgery. So, you even can find the pumpkin porridge instant in convenient store. So when i see it on the menu, I choose it. But, I think I don’t really like it. It’s too sweet for breakfast and I don’t expect the taste like that. the consistency , the thickness also not that good for me. It’s still edible, but never again for me. Maybe I will eat it if I got plastic surgery, for better and fast recovery. Hahahaha


Banchan (Kimchi, tofu, sea weed, pickled radish)


Fried Rice (Bokeumbap)

Indonesia is known with Nasi Goreng, but in Korea they know Nasi Goreng as bokeumbap. The presentation it’s not really good, but it feel like home I think, they served it like what we will get at home. They served it with udon soup. The taste is good too. That’s why we became regular of this restaurant. the price is cheap, the taste is goo, the service is good too, even the ahjumma is friendly.

After full, and Mr Damz showed himself . We go to nearest station, to go to Nami Island. So, how to go to Nami Island with subway. First you must find a way to Gyeongchun Line , because to go to Nami Island we must take off in Gapyeong Station, which is located in Gyeongchun Line. From Gapyeong Station, we can take a walk, taxi or by bus. I recommend we go there buy bus. Because the bus fare is just 5000 KRW. and we can take this bus whenever we want and wherever we want to go as long as it is include in the tour course. So, if you have a plan to go to Petite France or Morning Calm garden, I think it will be cheap with bus.

Shuttle Bus Tour


OUr journey to Nami Island


Our Journey to Nami Island


Our Journey to Nami Island

Accidentally, we board the train in the last peron. And surprisingly there is no chair there. And we find so many people with bicycle there. This peron actually for cyclist , so they can board the train with their bicycle without disturb another passenger.


Nami Isalnd Immigration

After stand, sit, sleep, wait in thetrain more than 1 hour we arrived at the Gapyeong Station. We go to the shuttle bus. Pay ticket to the driver. Save the ticket well, because if not you must pay again nect time you ride the bus. Nami island is not far from the station, so we arrived, and walking to the dock, where the ship that will took me to Nami Isalnd park neatly there. But before enter the ship, of course we must pay the entrance fee. The Admission Fee is 10000 KRW for adult. As foreign visitor, we must gave them our passport in the ticket booth. After get the Visa (entrance ticket) we can enter the dock and went to the ship.


Ship to Nami Island

The ship is really swag, with so many flag from another country. We decided to stand outside to see the view. There is inside and outside room in the ship. So many people go inside to get the warmer place, but if you want to enjoy the view, it’s better to stand outside with cold breeze. for me that’s not a big deal because the view is really nice.


Nami Island

Nami Island is known with it’s beautiful tree line. But, for me when I see nami island I just feel autumn more here. i can see yellow, red and green leaves here. So beautiful bright color blend well here. With this breathtaking view of course we took photo every where.


Lil Sis in Nami Island


Miss Peipz with autumn tree


Nami Island

We found squirell there. It sat in one of the bench waiting for food. So cute, and I think it already know human well, so it doesn’t afraid, so we can took the photo so closed with them.


Nami Island

Winter Sonata, one of drama that shoot their scenes here. This little snowman is really famous because of the drama. Actually I don’t watch the drama, because it’s old drama, when I start  like K-drama, it’s too old generation for me, so I never watch it. We took a photo with this cute snowman, take turn between me, Big Sis and Miss Peipz, until an ahjuma told me she wanted to take photo for us. We actually thought what the reason ahjumma offered us to take a photo, but we realized that maybe we took a long time to take a photo there, so ahjumma offered herself to take photo of us so we can finish the photo session fast, and she can take a photo there.


Nami Island – Soju Bridge


Nami Island – Yello Bed


Sausage VS Bakpao (Steam Bun)

We taste some of food in Nami Island. But the best food is Sausages and the steam bun. You must try, especially the bun. Honestly I am a big fan of Steamed Bun. So when I see the stall, I practically run there to but the bun. And it;s good, the steamed bun is really warm, and the red bean inside is really sweet and blend well with the bun. The sausages is Miss Peipz’s favourite, it’ the best she said. So don’t forget to try one of these if you go to Nami.


Nami Island – Kiddo


Winter Sonata Statue – Find this Bae Yong jun anf Choi Ji woo statue if you go to Nami Island.


Beautiful Nami Island

For our lunch, we decided to eat dosirak. Dosirak is lunch box actually. The dosirak is served in old style can lunch box. We ordered Kimchi Tuna dosirak. They heated the aluminuim can for us, and gave us gloves to touch the dosirak. Because it will be too hot for us to handle with bare skin. The way to eat the dosirak is, use the gloves well, and shake the dosirak, until inside blend well, between rice, kimchi, tuna and the egg. Ater it blend well, you can start eating.




Dosirak – Shake Shake


Dosirak – After vs Before

For me, the taste is just so so, the taste is what you can expect from rice with kimchi. But the sensation shake the dosirak is one of the charm why people eat this. Miss Peipz order Kimchi Cheese rice, and I think the tuna is better than cheese.  So, this is it our journey in Nami Island. We strolled all over the Nami Isalnd, want to rent a bike, but we think it’s the best to save money, so it’s tiring to walk around the nami. But because of the view, the autumn view, it’s really cure my tiredness. I am rally glad come in autumn, not so hot, not so cold with colorful tree.

BY : Lil Sis


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