AUTUMN IN KOREA – DAY 8 (SEOUL) – Petite France

Still at Day 8 in South Korea, from Nami Island we went to Petite France. It’s still in Gapyeong area. Petite France is a French cultural village set in the Korean countryside. Petite France serves as both a French cultural village and a youth training facility (Goseong Youth Training Center), and consists of 16 French-style buildings where visitors can lodge and experience French food, clothing, and household culture.

It’s not far from Nami Island. 5000 KRW shuttle Bus can take us there from Nami Island. But as you know the bus  take off once a hous from Gapyeong station. So, if we miss the bus, we must wait an hour. At first, we tried to queue , wait for the bus, but there is no sign of bus, and we are alreadt tired standing, so we dicided to take a cab like some queuers that also tired waiting like us.


Petite France

The road from Nami to Petite France is really challenging. The landscape is little bit hilly so we ride like a roller coaster because the taxi driver also drive with gas always on. So, I actualy feeling little bit dizzy. But fortunately it’s not too long. We arrived safely.  We buy a entrance ticket 8000 KRW for each person. For your information, petite France is open from 9 am until 18 pm, but the last entrance is an hour before closing time. So if you want to go here, check your time first.

Activity Information
1. Saint-Exupery Memorial Hall: Displays the life of Saint-Exupery, who was a noted author in France, and the writing process of The Little Prince novel.
2. Orgel House: View the orgels (musicbox) collected from all over European countries and enjoy the sound.
3. France Traditional House Exhibition Hall: Experience the 19 century’s French culture inside France Traditional House.
4. Antique Exhibit Hall: Enjoy and purchase antique items, puppets and porcelain from Europe, including France.
5. Marionette Dance Performance: Shows the dance show of marionette of the Czech Republic.
6. Puppet play: A European play for children, comprised of a Guignol and marionette, French and Czech traditional puppets respectively.
7. Appreciating an orgel: Offer an explanation regarding the history of orgels.
8. Plaster art exhibition: Visitors can create plaster arts, painted by themselves with shapes such as the Little Prince or the Eiffel Tower.

Petite France also known as film location some popular dramas like Beethove Virus, Secret Garden, and the latest and the most popular I think My Love From The Star (Kim Soo Hyun and Jun Ji Hyun as the lead). Running man also ever shoot in Petite French. I am not remeber what episode it that, but the guest is Nichkhun and Taecyeon 2 pm. They play somethin about Little Prince here.

If you are a fans of Little Prince, I think you should go to this place, because there are some building, some decoration that will show us about Little Prince. Honestly I don’t know about little Prince at all, so I just enjoy the colorful building, the unique thing inside, the view, and the decoration of this village. I only can describe this village as Beatiful and Colorful.

Here some photo to describe this village.


Petite France


Petite France – Little Prince


Petite France


Petite France – Cute Decoration



Our lunch is just dosirak, and I think it’s not make my stomach satisfied. So I bough waffle as snack. Before waiting the 5000 KRW shuttle Bug again. It’s just so so, but pretty good to fill my stomach. After eat, we waited again in the bus stop. So many people queued there, so I little bit worried we could not get the seat.  We waited so looooonnnnngggg. Tired after walking around the petite france, but know we still need to standing waiting for the bus. Very tired, our foot is nearly broken I think. After strolling around the big Nami Island by foot, and walking to explore Petite France, and now standing endlessly to wait the bus. OMG I think I need more foot, so I can replace my tired foot to the new one. The highligh of this issue is, we are not in sneakers, te most comfort shoe in the world. Because we go to Nami, we want to look little bit fashionable and instagramable, so we use boots that day. So, it tortured our foot more, especially Mr Damz that told us his boots made his foot really sore. From his expression and how much he want to sit I think he suffered more than I.

After nearly an hour waiting, the sun will set in no time, the bus is arrived, and we quickly went to the bus. Big Sis lost he ticket, so she must paid again 5000 KRW to ride the bus. We took the bus from Petite France to gapyeong Station. To go back to Seoul we rode metro from Gapyeng back to our apartment in Gwanghwamun. We decided to eat near the house, because we are already tired to go to another place. Our foot is killing us slowly at that time.

At first, we want to eat at Ahjumma place, the restaurant that we ate breakfast today. But we saw a Fried chicken restaurant in our apartment. It’s just one step from ahjumma restaurant. So we decided to eat there. Mr Damz and Miss Peipz also want to try chimaek (Chicken and Maekju). In orean drama, we usually see the star eat fried chicken with maekju (beer). The said it’s the best combination, the right thing to eat fried chicken. In Indonesia, fried chicken like KFC, McD, and another fast food is served with coke, pepsi, ar another soda drink. So, this is our first time we will try the CHIMAEK.


Empty Plate

We were welcomed by an ahjussi (I think he is the owner), first he speak Korean to us, but after see that we are not understand, we tried to speak English to us. So friendly and helpful, give us menu and pointed what the recommendation dish. It’s not complicated , the menu is just chicken (bone or boneless) and pick the sauce that you want.  After that pick the beer that you want. That’s it, no rice or no other food beside fried chicken here. Because we are 4, they gave us 4 little cute plates as you can see above. They also gave us 4 forks ans some side dish, yellow pickle radish, cube radish, and salad.


Chimaek Side Dish and Forks



Miss Peipz and Mr damz choose Cass for their beer. Me and Big Sis didn’t order beer, we just sip a little bit from their. FYI, we don’t like alcohol too much.  We ordered to type of chicken, both are boneless, because we are too lazy too debone the chicken. The First is just regular fried chicken, the original one and the other is spicy one.





I really really like the chicken. It’s so crispy outside and still moist inside. The taste is outstanding, any fried chicken from fast food that i taste in Indonesia is BIG no no after taste this fried chicken. I think I already get the reason why Korean love Maekju so much. Because the chicken is really delicious. It’s the best. For the beer, Miss Peipz and Mr Damz love the beer, so they order 1 glass more to share between them. The combination chicken with maekju is the best they said. So, don’t forget to eat Chimaek in Korea, even if you doesn’t drink alcohol, just eat the chicken. I recommend it.

After eat, we went up to our apartment. Mr Damz little bit tipsy I think, but he still can walk straightly but the way he talk is little bit too excessive and he is too happy with smile never disappear from his face. But as long as we don’t need to carry him home, it’s still okay to get little bit drunk.


Cute Home Sandals

If you are Korean Drama Lovers, I think you know that Korean use sandals inside their house. they take off their shoes for outside and change it into home sandal when going inside the house. In our apartment the host also provide the sandal. And I really like this one, especially when I use black stocking. It’s really cute and fit my foot really well I think. It’s just a little intermezzo to show you how much i really like this sandals.

So, this is the end of Autumn in Korea Day 8. We just went to Nami Isaland and Petite France, but because it’s far we took a lot of time to go there. I have really good impression with Nami, it’s so beautiful, the autumn trees is so beautiful, that make me think the reason why I choose to come in the winter is because of this, the red and yellow leaves. But petite france it’s not that good for me. I expect more than that. And maybe I already too tired, so I couldn’t enjoy it as much as I enjoy Nami Island. So, if I go there once more time, I will choose Nami, and never again for Petite France.

By : Lil Sis


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