AUTUMN IN KOREA – DAY 9 (SEOUL) – Shinchon, Ewha Woman Univ, Myeongdong

Finally, my story arrived at Day 9 we were in South Korea. It’s still a fun holiday, but because of our struggle in Nami Island and Petite France, we were little bit  tired, so we decided to go to culinary mode today. We decided to go to Shinchon area, because we know there is All you Can Eat Restaurant there, from Shinchon we went to Ewha Woman University because of the buiding is so nice and we can find a shopping paradise there. After that we decided to go to Myeongdong, to see the famous Myeongdong and to find Myeondong Kyoja, the legendary mandu restaurant.


Ewha Women University

We woke up little bit late today, because our body is ache , especially the foot and because we want to “All You Can Eat” mode today, we didn’t eat breakfast, and decided to eat once for breakfast and lunch when we do AYCE later. As always, Big Sis woke up first, and then me, Miss Pepz and the always last Mr Damz. We are ready at 10 am to go to All You can eat restaurant. We took metro from Gwanghwamun to Shinchon Station. We will go to Mammoth Grillhouse. I don’t attached the map, because the restaurant is not exist anymore in Shinchon. I don’t know where it moves. I went to Korea in January 2016 and there is no Mammoth Grillhouse anymore.


The hungry face

In Korea, One building can consist of some tenant. So if the building is has 3 or 4 storey, the tenant for each floor might be diffrent. Like the building where Mammoth Grillhouse exist has 3 storey, the 1st floor is doll store, 2nd floor is Mammoth, and there is another restaurant in 3er floor but I don’t khow what it is. The stair is in the side, so if we want to go to 2nd floor or 3rd floor, we doesn’t need to cross the tenant 1st floor area. It’s very efficient I think. In Indonesia, usually 1 building , with 1, 2, 3, or 4 storey is for 1 tenant. So, even the tenant also need 2 floor, but they must rent the whole building. It will be better with Korean way , more efficient and more money to the landlord.


Mammoth Grillhouse wallpaper – Cute Elephant

We were welcome by an ahjussi. The ahjussi with friendly face and not so good in English. But at least he could explain to us how much and pointed to us what we can eat there. The prize is not expensive, one person only need to pay 11,000 KRW compared it to AYCE in INdonesia, we must pay more than 200K IDR. There is a meat safe that filled with a lot of meat, pork, beef, chicken, octopus, intestines, and another meat that I don’t know what part, what I know is mostly is pork.


Meat Feast

Of course we took almost all type of meat to try what the taste it like. But the winner is samggyeopsal. We took it so many until I don’t know anymore how much sliced we ate. We combine 2 meal into one anyway, so we must eat a lot. In the picture above, the first picture, you can find samgyeopsal is stacked, it’s frozen, so they sacke dit like that, the second pict, it has thinly sliced beef, and thinly sliced pork in 3rd picture. Korean people really like thinly sliced pork because the fat is a lot there, but for me I don’t really like it because off the fat and too thin, so I barely got the taste of the meat.


Mammoth Grilhouse

Beside the meat, they served side dish too, various type of kimchi, various type of vegetable to wrap the meat, some fried (dumpling, nugget, chicken stick, etc), tteokbokki (self made tteokboki – they provide the ingredient, we can took some as we like, put it into a foil plate, and we can cook it in our grill). But because our main dish today is meat we didn’t cook tteokbokki, and took the meat more. We took the fries only to taste it.


Fries – Meat – Fries


The Grill process


Miss Pepz excitedly grill the meat for us

They provide tong and scissor to help us grill the meat and cut it. Nyam Nyam


The glorious Meat

There is only some pork meat all you can eat in Indonesia, so when we find it in Korea with so cheap price, of course we must take it seriously and need to eat a lot. Because of the cheap prize, we find a lot of student eat there too. They still use their uniform school so that’s why I know they are student.

After we eat, we decided to go to Ewha University, But in our way to station, we found an Etude House shop that really packed with people. And the picture bellow is the answer why it is so full. Sale 50% W.O.W. We quickly went there and become one with crowded. So many thing discount there. So we bought some too. We found nail polish only 1000 KRW , so cheap. From Etude, we found another cosmetic store beside Etude. Because Miss Pepz has to buy something from her friend (her friend asked her to buy, because it’s cheaper in Korea than Indonesia or online shop) we entered the cosmetic, skin care shop one by one. In the alley, it’s side by side, you can find tony moly, skin food, missha, laneige, and other similar shop. So when we arrived at the end of alley, we already far enough from the station entrance, and decide to walk to Ewha. It’s not far, it’s only 1 stop with train. So we walked to help us digest what we eat in Mammoth just now.



After 15 min walking, we arrived at the Ewha area. You know you already close if you see so many young peope with backpack, alot of young couple walking in the street. In Ewha you can find a lot of shop that sell cheap clothes. It’s cheaper than Hongdae. I bught one shirt in Ewha and later I found ithe same shirt in Hongdae, the difference is 5000 KRW. SO if you wakt to buy clothes, fashion ite, you can find it cheaper in Ewha. SO many street food there, but we still full, so we just walk and it didn’t attract us at all.


Road to Ewha

It’s so easy to find the university building. Because the crowded walk to there. And the building is quite unique, so many tourist go there to snap some photo and enjoy the scenery.  The bulding is so nice, but the more breathtaking is the autumn feel near the Ewha is so beautiful. The trees is so colorful. And as the yellow and red tree lovers we took photo with some beautiful trees. Especially Big Sis who has special affection to autumn trees.


Lil Sis in Ewha Woman University


Big Sis love tree

I recommend Ewha if you go to South Korea. You can enjoy shopping and eat street food, you also can enjoy the beautiful view in the university. Of course we can not enter the class, but walking around see the building and the garden is really worth it. It’s beautiful university I think, compare to my university in Kemanggisan, Jakarta, Ewha is 10 x more beautiful. After tired strolling Ewha we start to find the streed food is so tempting. So we buy taiyaki (cake with fish shape filled with red bean). It’s hot, sweet, and cute food. Delicious.


Street Food – Ewha


Taiyaki – Miss Thump and Mr Fish in one frame

Near Ewha, there is a mini stage and when we walk we find crowded and realized there is performace there. They sing there, I don’t know who they are, not an idol or popular singer. I think only some college student that showed off their talent there. The spectator is a lot, and really nice I think. They don’t standing near the stage, so everybody in the back can see the performance well.


Stage near Ewha

After the performance is finished. We didn’t go, we found that the seat that provided to see the performance in the stage above is so cute and colorful. It’s only a stair that they make it more dramatic, the shape and the color is beautiful. We sat there and enjoy our taiyaki. Oh yes, If you watching Running, the episode when Gary hide in box with gold, and the other member must find where is gary and take him out from the box. Gary is hidden in the box that placed in this mini stage area. When I watched that episode I know it exactly where.


Seat for Mini Stage above

After we finished resting our foot while eat the Taiyaki. We Went to Myeongdong. From Ewha Station we took train to Myeongdong Station, less than 30 min we arrived at Myeongdong. And you can see so lively area there. Myeongdong is crowded, and the building is so bright we so many LED to attract people. You can find any cosmetic store there. Every 10 m you can see same cosmetic store. Walk 1 m, you can see food stall, so may there. FYI, the food stall only open at night, so if you go to Myeongdong in the noon, you may find any.

Our main destination is Myeongdong Kyoja. It is a popular restaurant that sell Mandu (dumpling). So many blog we read recommend us to eat there. So with our curiousity, we went there to taste the Mandu. When we arrived at the restaurant, so many people line waitinf for empty space. Fortunately we got the place without wait too long, because table for 4 people is ready. We ordered 2 kalguksu and 2 portion of mandu.


Mandu – Myeongdong Kyoja


Mandu – Myengdong Kyoja


Kalguksu – Myeongdong kyoja

I really love the mandu, the filling is a lot, the mandu skin is so thin, the flavours is great. Eat it whole thing at once put sliced of kimchi, hmmm, so delicious. The kalguksu is delicious too, the soup is delicious, noodle is handmade and hand cut, so I think it littl ebit feel like home food. The services is so great there, they serves the food is quickly, and if we asked something, it come quickly too. In myeongdong, there is so much street food and so much interesting restauant. But, myeongdong kyoja is a must, spare a space in your stomach too taste the mandu.
From Myeongdong Kyoja we went to some Cosmetic and skin care store, like Etude, Tony Moly, Innisfree, and other that every 5 step tou will find one. We enter some shop, buy what we need, what friend asked us to buy, what we think cute and interesting. In Myeongdong there is a shop that sell Album from Korean mUsician. My friend asked me to buy “WINNER” Album. SO we went there, and found this place is quite interesting too. So many Korean idol poster in the wall. We found what my friend want, she even asked us to buy another album like BEAST album. And because we buy special edition winner album, and it’s expensive, so we got some free items, like poster, photo book, photo card.


Music store


Music Store


Shopping result

So, at the end of this day, we brought a lot of shopping bag. And here our result shopping today.

Well, our 9th day is already over. it’s closer to our last day. But so many interestin gto do. SO keep check out blog and our Autumn in Korea journey.

By : Lil Sis


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