AUTUMN IN KOREA – DAY 10 (SEOUL) – Hongdae, Namdaemun, Myeongdong , Hangang

Finally Day 10 is arrived, We planned to make that day became easy day. We had too much walk, our foot can not walk as many as before. Beside that, Miss pepz have a little bit fever. So, today become our lazy day, relaxed, enjoy our slowly walk that day, until our decision to go to Hangang Park destroyed our lazy day. Check our story here.

First, as always we started our day with eat breakfast at Ahjumma restauran, we ordered kimbap , ramyeon, pork donkatsu. The Kimbap is so delicious, it has spam, cheese , carrot, yellow radish pickle, green vegie, so delicious. Ramyeon also delicious, I forget what kind of ramyeon we ordered, but it filled with mandu and oden and it served with a yellow pot, really korean like. Donkatsu is delicious too, it served with rice, salad, and soup. So yummy. Every dish in Korean ahjumma is yummy. ^^


Kimbap (the best kimbap i ever tasted)




Pork Donkatsu

After we eat , we went to Hongdae area. It’s so quiet in the morning, the store mostly still closed, and the hype of Hongdae is not there. We found some store is opened, we went there, they sell so many cute thing. We bought some for us and for our friends. We found food stall there, and we choose Gyeran-Bang , it’s a bread with egg on top, it’s not so wow , but it’s nice, egg with bread never failed anyway. I ever saw in TV or blog the some Gyeran Bang has seeds on top, like sun flower seed, pumpkin seed ot other, i think it will be more delicious than the plain one. We went to Hello Kity Cafe too, but we didn’t enter the cafe, just stand in front of it and took some picture (tourist mode on).








Hello Kity Cafe

We strolling in Hongdae area, and found so unique beauty store. I don’t know what the name, but the soap is like food, it’s smell good, and the color is bright. We found an ice cream store, that sell so cute ice cream. We didn’t buy it anyway, too expensive, and in autumn i think it’s not right to eat a cold thing like ice cream. But it’s really instragramable, so if you want to fill your SNS with cute thing, buy this and took picture properly and post it, it’s really cute…. In Hongdae we can find a lot of clothes store, and it sell high end fasdhion item with cheap price. But later I find it we can find same item with cheaper price in Ewha Univ. The difference is big, it is around 5000 KRW or 60000 IDR in Indonesia. So be smart went buy something. Because we in Hongdae, of course we must find Haha Restaurant , unfortunately it’s closed in the morning, it open in the evening till night, so we could not taste the food, so Sad T_T








Hogdae – 401 Haha Restaurant

From Hongdae we went to Namdaemun Market, it’s a traditional market that sell so many traditional item, and it’s cheaper too. We bought some “I Love Korea” shirt here, we bough some ahjumma pant here (it’s so comfy pant), we bought some korean traditional item here, like the spoon, chopstick, rice bowl, and many more. But the most interesting part for our journey to Namdaemun is we found a shop that has so many person queue for their food. They sold mandu and donuts. And we decided to queue and bought the mandu. THe mandu is so big, the size is bigger than my fist. The taste is delicious too. But later I know that the most popular thing actually the donuts, so sad because we didn’t buy it.


Namdaemun – Big Size Mandu, like Bakpao

From Namdaemun we, went to Myeongdong again. We walked to the subway station, and found a lot of pigeon. Me as a tourist and never see so many pigeon like this before, of course there is one thing that I must do here, can you tell??? Yup, running and pose with flying pigeon. But I feel little bit disgusting with so many bird poop. So, I didn’t done it right, so I didn’t get the good photo, so I share just pigeon without me.


Namdaemun – Pigeon

Our mission to Myeongdong this time is too eat. We want to have culinary feast today. We found so many food stall here, and we came with empt stomach, so we must eat a lot here. First stop is  sausage cover with fish cake. The stall sell tteok covered fish cake, crab stick covered with fish cake, fish cak e it self and sausage covered with fish cake. We bought one, and the sausages is so delicious, the fish cake is yummy too, with the mustard and chili sauce, daeeeeebbbbbaaak.



Our next stop is something like meat ball. It’s look delicious, but unfortunately, it disappointed us. The taste is big no no, meat never wrong before, but the meat ball is not good at all. I wonder why it has so many buyer.



We found this ice cream stall, the legendary ice cream But in Indonesia the ice cream like this is everywhere right now, especially in Jakarta, you can find this ice cream at mall, so we didn’t have urge to find this and taste it. But the interior and the exterior the ice cream stall is so cool.



After wandering the street, but this and buy that. I didn’t record it all. We went to Yoogane , korean dakgalbi. It’s pretty famous, later i found it already open in Jakarrta. We ask some girl about where is yogane, and they easily show the road to us. We found it fast. It’s not meal time yet, so the restaurant it’s not too crowded, we got the table right away. We buy chicken dakgalbi, with cheese and extra rice for fried rice in the end. Each table has some  apron, we use it, so the oil when they cook the dakgalbi  didnt splat our clothes. The waiter / waitress will cook it for us, cook the chicken, and cook the fried rice when we done with the chicken. They do it all, so don’t worry you can not cook, you still can eat deliciously


Yoogane – Myeongdong (the vegie is so big and a lot)


Yoogane – Myeongdong (you can see how the cheese melt)


Yoogane – Myeongdong (fried rice in the end)

Today, Miss Pepz is not feeling well. She already feel not well 2 days, but this days is the peak, she can not continue the journey after our dinner. So we decided to split, Miss Peipz went back to our apartment, and me, Big Sis and Mr Damz went to Hangang Park. We went together to station, and found this cute cookies. The cookies is in ball shaped, hard, and covered with sugar. It’s really unique, when we bought, the seller, will asked us to punch the cookies with a little wooden hammer to crush the cookies.  So funny, but th e tastes is not fun at all, it’s not good. I remebered the cookies was ended in trash bin.



So, the night is still rolled on. We ride subway to go to Hangang Park. We arrieve savely, and we walked there. We walked on bridge ans see the park. No body at the park, We don’t know why, maybe because it’s autumn night, and it’s cold. So, from above, we didn’t see anyone.  Well, there some, running, mabe workout, but it’s so quiet. We decided to walked more, maybe in the other side, it will be more hyped. So we crosses the Hangang, Running Man swimming, rowing with cardboard boat, but us with our own foot, walking from  side to another side crossed the Hangang. Hahahahha.


Hangang Park



Actually the view is great, we can see building radiated in the river, the lamp. But the cold breeze killing us. And i think it’s pretty dangerous walking in the bridge like this, the car is so fast, if I am not that fat, maybe i could fly when the car is passed with high speed.  The bridge is also so quiet, just 3 of us.







After arrived at the end of the bridge, we decided not to walking down to the river, because this side is darker that the other side. So, we decide to just went home. We already tired of crossing the river. But the night mare start here, I think we will walked back to another side of bridge, and ride subway from there. But Mr Damz said, it will be another subway station if we walked from here. We must walk another path, it will be boring if we crossed the bridge once more time. Yeah, it’s true, so we just decided to move forward.

We walked and find a parking area, it’s so quiet, we must find somebody to asked where is the nearest subway station. Luckily there is an ahjushi that guard the parking area.We asked him, but we were not sure, if he understangdor not, he point somewhere, and we followed it. We walked and found civilization. But the area is not crowded like mtyeongdong or hongdae, it’s quiet, not so many people walking around. And we found a student that walking toward us, we asked him about subway, and khe kindly explained it to us, it’s not so far anymore he said.

We found it in the end, the foot is already so tired, cool, and little bit hungry. We took the subway to our home. And before went home, we decided to went to Paris Baguette near our apartment. We want to buy some to feel our stomach. The display is so good, it’s look yummy. Like i want buy all. But i think compare to bread price in Indonesia, it’s expensive. So I can not ‘borong’ the bread. Hahahaha


Paris Baquete – They sell bread, salad, sandwich, ice cream, beverage, and cake too.


Paris Baquete


Paris Baquete


Snacking Time

And this is what we bought, banana uyu, and 2 kind of bread, pumpkin bread and Baumkuchen. Big Sis think this Banana uyu is more delicious than the popular one Banana Uyu. It’s more creamy and more banana. The bread is delicious too.


Snacking Time

This is what we bought in namdaemun, 3 ‘I Love Korea’ shirt for adult and 3 for kids, and 2 celana ahjumma. Believe me buy the celana ahjumma when you go to namdaemun, it’s so comfy and really good to use. We went home and see Miss Pepz is already ready to sleep. We are tired too, so we prepare ourselves fast, and sleep too.


Our shopping item

By : Lil Sis


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