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On our Daya 11th, we plan to go to Everland. Everland is South Korea’s largest theme park. It’s located  at the Everland Resort in Yongin, a city in Gyeonggi-do province, South Korea. Mostly  every one who go to South Korea, Everland is always in their bucket thing to do. Especially for adrenaline rush lover, T-Express is South Korea’s highest, fastest, longest, steepest roller coaster and it is a wooden coaster. It’s the main attraction in Everland. So, we want too try it so badly.

Everland Icon

Everland Icon

So, that day, we decided to go early so we can spent a day there, and try many attraction. We went to station without proper breakfast, we just buy samgak kimbap in the convenient store. We went there with subway. It’s easy to go to Everland by Metro Subway. You must find your way to EverLine or Giheung Station, Giheung Station in Yellow line is the main access to Everline. From Giheung Station, you can sit until the last stop, Jeondae Everland Station. From there you can find shuttle bus, that freely take you to the entrance of Everland.

This is the Subway Map in Korea, The Ever line is in the bottom, that I  marked it wit red box, the tiny little red dot, is Gigeung Station and Everland Station. So, everywhere you are from, just find the route to Giheung, after that you will be easier to reach Everland.

Subway Map to Everland

Subway Map to Everland

Beside using subway, you can using bus. For the complete information, you can check Everland website here. For the admission ticket, we must paid 43,000 KRW, that for me it’s too expensive. But luckily, we found discount coupon, so we could pay the ticket cheaper , just 36,000 KRW. So, if you plan to go there don’t forget to check this site or Everland Site to find any interesting discount coupon.

BAck to our stories, Everland open at 10.00 am, so we decided to went there at 9.00 am, but of course that plan did not work really well, because if you read my stories before, Miss Pepz was sick, and the rest of us including me had a really long journey yesterday night. But, luckily, the subway is not too crowded, so, we can still arrived in time.

So quite station

So quite station and train. We could in eparated row because there’s no crowds like always it is

Go To Giheung Station

Go To Giheung Station

After we arrived at the Everland station, we just follow the other, and we found the Bus Stop for the free shuttle bus to Everland. We wait around 10 minutes, and the bus come and took us there safely. We directly went to ticket booth and buy the ticket and of course enter the gate as soon ass we got the ticket. And the euphoria is started. Theme Park always make me happy.

Welcome Decoration

Welcome Decoration

After we enter the gate, we found this spot. It’s already in Christmas mode, so the decoration is Christmas thing, green, red, light, present, christmas tree. Of course we took photo with this welcome Decoration. I found so many decoration there. One that i like really much is the standing lamp below. It’s cute, and so good I think, especially when it turn on in the night, the light bring me too christmas wonderland.


Street Lamp with little Christmas Decoration

not far from the gate, we found a Hologram Concert By YG Ent. There is a schedule for the concert, there is Psy, 2NE1, and BigBang.  And at the time we arrived, it’s nearly Big Bang hologram concert time. So of course we want to see it. There was no long queue too. So we went there. The venue, is not that big, there are sitting area and standing area. As fans, we are choose the standing area and stood at very front.  Before the concert started, we can took a photo, and if we are lucky, our photo will be showed in the hologram concert like we get an honor to standing int he stage with Big Bang member. Anyway, the concert somehow seem real. If you ever went to Dongdaemun, there is a YG ent Hologram concert too, and as I know SM also have one right now in SM Coex.

1st stop - Big Bang Concert Hologram

1st stop – Big Bang Concert Hologram

We were hungry after that. We just eat a little for breakfast, so we need proper meal right now. So we walked to find a restaurant and we found a food court. In the way to find the food court, we found so many Christmas decoration, such as :

Red Leaves, Christmas must have item

Red Leaves, Christmas must have item

The Everland Icon, I gave you the more clearly photo at the beginning of this post

The Everland Icon, I gave you the more clearly photo at the beginning of this post

Christmas Tree

Christmas Tree – this spot is so good in the night. Check the photo in this post

After so many snap in the way, We found a food court, so many people there, so we think we will get nice food there. We entered it, and this is what we bought :

Beef Soup

Beef Soup – The beef is shredded , and i think there is too many leek inside, compare to the meat, the leek is too many. Not so good I think, Ahjumma food is better than this.


Donkatsu – Nothing can be wrong for a donkatsu I think, as long is the batter is good. But this one the batter is too thick. So we were not pleased again. DOnkatsu ahjumma is more delicious than this.

Fried Rice

Fried Rice – As Indonesian we eat a lot Fried Rice, and this one is not our style I think.

So, the food at the foo court is not that good, the Kimchi is not good too. But we are not picky eater, although i just 5 from 10, we still eat it for survive. We need a lot of energy to play. Eat first for the better games. hahahaha.

After eat, we decided to ride this ship, it ‘s called Columbus Adventure, in Indonesia, we have something similar that called Kora Kora (Dufan , Ancol). I like riding this. Big Sis is not an adrenaline lover, so she decided to sit not in the edge, but Miss Pepz and Adam, will sit at second row from the edge. Because I still filling full after eat, and afraid I will got nausea after this, so I choose to follow Big Sis. It’s so great ride.

Columbus Adventure

Columbus Adventure

Red Tree - Big Sis Obsession

Red Tree – Big Sis Obsession

We come in Autumn, so actually the Christmas decor is not 100% ready. As example we found this place, they still working on this, there is a sign that said the visitors can not enter the place.


Not finished yet Christmas Decoration

We found a unique tunnel there, the tunnel full of something like this. A bottle that look like a lamp that filled with a note. I bet it is a wishing note. South Korea is number one wishing note country I think.


Wishing Note

We found this wings too. I bet when the decoration is complete, in the night it will be lighted and the light will make a beautiful ilummination.


Lil Sis Fairy


Trash Bin also so cute here, the ATM post also look cool here. Theme Park effect .


Madagascar – Poor us, we cannot watch the show because we missed the schedule. So for everyone that go here, asked the map in the ticket booth and choose wisely what do you want to do, and dont miss what you want to watch


Everland – I like how this place have so many tree and placed to sit and relax. Even when you doesn’t play many attraction, you can just enjoy the scenery , especially when you with your lover. That’s why Everland also a good place to date.


Our Main destination – T Express


We with T-Express rail. Pardon my face ^^

So, T-Express is so good, you will really find your adrenaline rush. Miss Pepz and I sit together and we didn’t dare sit at the front, so we sat at the 3rd row. Mr Damz want sit in the first row, so while he stil queue in 1st row queuing , Miss Pepz and I rode it first. At first I was scary, I closed my eyes, but it will be wasted if I did that until it finished, so I opened my eyes, and I feel so many thing in my head, it’s so cool, how fast, how I feel like my butt didn’t reach the chair, how I screamed, the other screamed, saw the wood rail. SO exciting, I finished my ride with smile on my face. Oh yeah, Big Sis did not want to ride this, so, she waited us in front of the T-Express gate. Miss Pepz and I went to her and wait Mr Damz. He come with smile too, and the different hair do, because of he sit in the front, and the wind strucked his hair, it’s become different. And he excitedly said he will ride it one more time before we go home.


Christmas Parade – We wait for Parade like a child


Christmas Parade


Christmas Parade


Christmas Parade


Christmas Parade


Christmas Parade

I am so exciting about this parade, I never watch any Theme Park Parade before this. In Indonesia, I know Dufan hold it, but I never there when it happened. So I am so happy that Everland hold the parade when I went there. In the map that we got in the ticket booth, there is a schedule when the parade will be started, so we marked our time, before it started, we already secure a place to saw the parade. We sit at the very front, so we saw the parade clearly. And you know what, our neighbor is kids with their parent, there is no adult without kid like us. But never mind, we enjoyed it anyway.

After saw parade, we walked again to find any interesting attraction. There is a haunted house, but we must pay more to enter the house. So, we didn’t do that. But after a while we found Rotating House, it’s kinda creepy, so we enter and queue. The queue is not that long, so we quickly enter. This rotating house is give us effect we sit in a rotating house, it make me dizzy a little bit. But the ending is really surprised me. If you want to know what make me surprised, just tried it when you went there.


Rotating House

We tried 4D Experience too. We watched Rio, and I think you already know what I experienced. Because it birds, the sensation that I got is wind, water, the view of bird flying, not so wow, but still okay. As I remember we played a shooting game too. We must shoot a alien or monster. But I didn’t have photo about the place.


Rio – The 4D Experience

We found this, It’s called The Amazon Adventure, it’s similar with ‘Arung Jeram’ in Dufan, the Attraction that I like the most in Dufan. So we queue for this, the queue is quite long, but the waiting time is not that long. The process is so quick. I really like how the boat have a cover to covered us from the water. It’s autumn and will be night soon, if we go wet it will be so freezing.

we rode with the a group of family. Although the is a cover, the floor is still wet, and the water can enter the floor, so it made our shoes wet. But our body is completely dry. The water movement not challenging I said, Dufan in Indonesia or USS have more rapid water movement. And the path also not so far, I thin I just sit for a while, didn’t feel any fear or adrenaline rush, but I see the finish line already. So sad.


The Amazon Adventure

Everland is so considerate I think, they now our shoes maybe wet, we will fell cold. So in the exit path of The Amazon Advanture, there are so many heater. So before we leaves from that area, we can dry ourselves first. After we completely dried and warm, we walk again, and we found a Safari queue and follow the queuing. The queue is long, so we sat on the bus when the sky already dark. You can see two photos below, Left, when we queue, Right when we in the bus. We saw some Tiger, lion, bear, bird but in the night and I was in moving object so my camera could not capture them well .


Night Safari

We finished the Safari, and walked into the souvenirs shop. They sell doll, shirt, headband, bag, tumbler, and the other souvenirs. I didn’t buy any, I just saw so many cute thing there, but i don’t feel right to spend my money there, we know the price is quite expensive in theme park. From the Safari, Mr Damz left us, he want to ride T-Express again. And Miss Pepz want to eat again. So, we followed Miss Pepz to foodcourt, we found a different food court , but the menu is same, so Miss Pepz eat the same menu as what we eat for lunch. I and Big Sis bought one portion too share, we are not that hungry.

When we walked to food court, we found Night Parade, it’s beautiful too with the light. But my camera not that good to capture it well. Sorry.


Night Christmas Parade

After we finished eat, we wait for Mr Damz. But it’s so cold outside, we could not contact Mr Damz, because I brought the wifi pocket, and I think he too far from us to get the signal. And the we found a tent with heater inside. We entered it, and so comfy there, so warm, and we can sit inside. We wait Mr Damz there. But our meeting point is in the foodcourt, how if he can find us? So after a while, as a maknae, I went to T-Express to find Adam. I Walk there but T-Express is already close, so where is he? I walked back, and find him, i didn’t know where he come from, he just popped up there. He told me he ride it twice, after his first ride, the officer said, after this it will be last , because there are not many people, so he rode it again without queue again. And the after effect, his face and hand freezing because of the cold wind


Heater – While waiting for Mr Damz that want to ride T-Express again for the last time, we the Girls wait here. It’s so damn cold in the night, that’s why I think the provided this area, to heat ourselves.

After we meet, and our group become complete again. We decided to went home. We walked into the gate, and of course meet with the Christmas tree again, and it’s become so beautiful with the lighting. The atmosphere become romantic suddenly (why I didn’t go there with boyfriend). It completely different with what I saw in the morning. Of course snap snap is a must.


Christmas Illumination


Christmas Illumination


Christmas Illumination


38Christmas Illumination

Christmass Illumination



Hungry after strucked by the cold wind – before we went upstair, we et at the Ahjumma first. We ordered Kimbap and Budae ramen. So delicious 


So, this is our journey to Everland. We waited again for the shuttle bus. The bus take us to the station, and rode metro to our home station. That night is so damn cold. Maybe winter already coming. Waiting for shuttle bus is so cold, and then we must walk from station to Apartment. That’s why I think we craving Ahjumma food.

The 11th day is over, it’s mean I still have 2 day to tell us about mu Autumn in Korea Journey. Wait for it yaaaa ^^

By : Lil Sis


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  1. fanny fristhika nila says:

    aku memang udh planning bakal ke everland pas ke korea nanti ^o^… ga kebayang mba naik wahana yg mirip arung jeram pas feb, lg peaknya winter gitu :D… kayaknya aku prepare banget bawa pelindung sepatu supaya ga basah.. :D…thanks ya..infonya detil banget

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