AUTUMN IN KOREA – DAY 12 (SEOUL) – Yongin Folk Village

Well, ini sudah hari ke 11 , dan sudah hampir habis liburan Lil Sis, Big Sis and the geng.  Tapi jangan bersedih, habis ini, Lil Sis akan cerita penglaman Lil Sis ke Korea (Again) but in the winter. Hahaha. untuk lebh lengkapnya ditunggu aja sambil berdoa biar Lil Sis punya waktu  dan nggak males buat nulis nulis. ^^ Loh kok, jadi Bahasa ya, back to English lagi ya.

So, Today we will go to Korean Folk Village at Yongin. Korean Folk Village introduces traditional culture from the late Joseon period to both local and international visitors through cultural experience, like farmer dance, martial art on horseback, traditional wedding ceremony, traditional Korean food, and traditional house. This place also known as the set of historical drama like Jewel in The Palace, Arng and the magistrate, and many more. So, many foreigner go there to see and experience Korea in Traditional ways. You can chek the detail here.

Before we go to Yongin, we eat our breakfast first. We went down to Ahjumma restaurant. And this is what we ordered,  we order vegie bibimbap and sundubu jigae. I will not express how it taste, but i still believe the best sundubu jigae I ever eat is here, in ahjumma  restaurant. And then the bibimbap also delicious because the vegie is season well. The worthy breakfast.




Sundubu Jigae

After eat our breakfast, we took a walk to nearest subway station, which is Gwanghwamun station. We always start from here anyway. We go to Yongin buy subway from Gwanghwamun to Gangnam Station and the ride a bus 5001-1. Get off at Gangnam Station (Seoul Subway Line 2), Exit 10 or Sinnonhyeon Station (DX Subway Line), Exit 6. Take Bus No. 5001-1 or 1560 to Korean Folk Village. We rarely rode a bus in Korea, so we was confused at first, how to ride the bus, where we should stand. We walked to Exit 6 gangnam station, and we found a bus stop sign there with so many people standing, but there is so many lines, which line is for our bus, until we found a plat on the sidewalk , there is bus number written on the plat, so we just standing in line based on that. We standing there and wait the bus. We didn’t wait for a long time, the bus come, and fortunately we got seat. When ride a bus you must listen carefully what the annoucer say, it will say what bus station next stop is. But sometimes it doesn’t in English, so it’s hard to understand what it said, luckily for Yongin Koren Folk Village, they say it with English, and so many tourist get off here, so we arrived savely.

The admission is 15000 KRW for adult, we but 4 tickets and then immediately enter the gate. Our first stop is a traditional house , there is a man sitting there making something. We go closer and found that he is making a traditional sandal there. This kind of sandals usually appears on korean drama, especially used by the poor.


Korea Traditional Sandal and the making of it

In this house we alsofound some unique things, like the dried corn that hanging on the wal.. Not only the corn, there are some othe vegetable too. The most interesting one is I found that the corn is in darker color, in Indonesia Corn always in yellow, but here I found it black, even they have mixed color in one corn. And my question it, why they hanging it there? Anybody ls comment if you know the answer ^^


Vegetable hanging on the wall

As I said above, there are some performace her, One of the is Martial art on horseback. There is a time schedule for all performance, so don’t forget to noted the time, and go to the place in time. The show is so interesting, they do some acrobatic , archery, spear, dan some martial art with the horse. Must watch if you go there.


Horse Show


Cabbage field – I found this on the way to Traditional Wedding ceremony

From the Martial Art horse riding, we went to Traditional Wedding ceremony. When we arrived there, the show is not started yet. So, I have time to circled around the huse and taking some picture. From the right top (clockwise), there is a palanquin, cramped inside I think.  The warehouse area, the palanquin that will be used for wedding ceremony, spinning yarn room, and the last is iron room.


Traditional Korean House

I circled arounf the house, and back into the main yard, anf find this table, traditional wedding table is already standing there waiting the groom and the bride. Many visitors already gathered there, also wait for the traditional wedding ceremony is started.  So many kids there, I think, theye were in the middle a field trip with their friend and teacher.


Korean Traditional Wedding – The altar


Korean Traditional Wedding – The spectators

And the ceremony is started. For 3 picture after this, from the top right(clockwise) :

  1. The servant got the palaquin to pick up the bride
  2. The Master of ceremony check the mic
  3. The witness check the table
  4. The groom has arrived
  5. The bride has arrived
  6. The bride and groom bowed each other
  7. Go to their place each at the side of wedding table
  8. Offering tea for the god
  9. Offering tea for the ancestor
  10. The wedding ceremony is overed
  11. The Bride and the groom go home

Korean Traditional Wedding – The Procession


Korean Traditional Wedding – The Procession


Korean Traditional Wedding – The Procession

Of course we must eat there, we spend our day from morning until must night here. So, we had our lunch here. We go to the foodcourt there. And what we ordered is : Dotorimuk or acorn jelly is a Korean food which is a jelly made from acorn starch. I ever watched this food in Family outing and running man, and they eat it so deliciously , and I never eat something like this before. So i relly curious how its tasted. So, we ordered one. BUt, I don’t really like it, it’s really plan, tasteless, maybe because of that they mixed it with vegetables and gochujang. But somehow it below my expectation. >_<


Acorn Jelly

We ordered Bulgogi bibimbap. The unique is, the serve the topping and the rice in different bowl. Ussually when I eat bibimbap, i will get a hot bowl with rice in bottom and the vegie, egg, the meat on thop the rice. If you remember what i eat for breakfast this day, I eat bibimbap too and in my opinion what i eat for my breakfast is more delicious than this although this one has meat, but the vegie is not seasoned well i think. And what i think is must have item in the bibimbap is missing here, theres no egg here.


Beef Bibimbap

The best dish I ate ther, is this satay. It is different from indonesian satay, maybe it’s more like yakitori (japanese satay) ^^. The meat is seasoned well, and it’s nout tought, so delicious. We found sikhye – rice punch there, althought it’s winter and the weather is cold, we still ordered it, because we missed it so badly. We drank once when we sleep in Jimjilbang in Jeju, and the taste is make us want to drink it again. But I think it’s a wrong decision, when we drink it in jimjilbang, we just go out from the sauna room, pretty hot, and drink the cold sikhye, of course we will taste heaven. But now different situation, so sikhye is bad choice.


Grilled Pork


Sikhye – Rice punch


Foodcourt – Yongin Korean traditional Village


Yongin Korean Village – Colorful clothes hanging on the Tree

As I told you before, Yongin Korean Folk Village aften used as a filming set. So, many standing banner like this there. You can find Han Ga In, Park Min Young, Lee Jun ki, and many more there. For Korean drama lover of course you must take a photo with your favourite.


Korean Actor Standing Banner (including me)

The place is really huge, you can walk and always find different home, different thing to try. You can find a kitchen and take a picture with the big crock for cooking on that time, playing with what they called traditional iron (it’s look like a music intrument for me), pestle, and some gardening tools. You must walked neat the river too, you can find a spot to  take a phote pretending you in the middle of washing clothes. It’s so funny and interesing thing to do.


Action with the traditional Tools


Autumn Tree (in love with the colors of autumn)


Autumum Leaves


Korean Traditional way to wash the clothes


Love this path so much


Big Swing ( I try to standing in this swing, like what i saw on the korean drama, but i am afraid, I can not balanced it well, so I prefer to sit there)


Big Sis and her obsession with tree


Amazing Autumn lake


Love this path too

Beside the Martil Art on horse back, there is another interesting performace you can not misse when go to Yongin Korean Folk Village. Farmer dance, it’s a music and dancing performance to show how much the farmer fell grateful for the harvest. It’s really colorful and loud music, but somehow it can refresh my mind with the music. Beside this, you also must watche the rope dancing. It’s done by an old man, he still really agile and flexibel on top the rope. You will amazed see how he walk, turn his body, sit on a rope. There rope is hanging quite high, maybe 3-5 meters. Beside the high rope, ther is a low rope, maybe just 15cm above the ground. So, if you want try to balace your self on the rope you can try using the  low ones.


Traditional music and dancing performance Show


The amazing rope dancing by a 할아버지

As I told you, this place is so big. After watch the performance, we find traditional games spot. And of course we tried to play there.


Playing traditional korean game

We found a big building, and when we went inside, we realized that this building is a hearing court. There are some tools for execute the criminal. We often see the tools used in Korean drama. The chair with two stick to press our foot is really hurt, we tried it, even with just little press it hurt so much, i can imagine when it press with wholeheartedly. In this building, we also find the jail building, so of course pose as desperate criminal also need to be done herre.


PLaying in hearing court


Playing in Jail


Pose with the colorful clothes hanging at the road


Pose with standing banner actor – Sungkyunkwan Scandalcand Jewel in the Palace


The Autumn Leaves effect


Wishing notes

What I like from Korean Fol Village is so many interesting object here, so many performance  that you must watch here, we can imagined how KOrean live before, and this place is so big, I found a lot car in the parking area, but when you go to the traditional house one by one, I rarely meet with the other visitor. So we can take a photo without queue and can pose whatever we like. Korean is wishing country, we found a spot to write wishes there. We write it on a paper and tied it on a rope that tied the stone and tree.

From Yongin we walked to nearest Bus stop, and rode a bus that brought us to Gangnam, the same bus with what we rode in the morning. From Gangnam we went to Seoul Station. There is a Lotte mart there, and we plan to bought some snack for our family and friend in Indonesia. As you know in Korea, we must pay for the plastic bag and it’s pretty expensive. So, we already prepared bag to keep our purchase.

We eat at the lottemart, there is a small foodcourt. We bought a noodle with wonton, naengmyun. They sell inari and rice ball too. The taste is not really good, but enough to fill our stomach and gave us energy to shopping. Oh yeah, to get a cart in Lotte Mart, you must entered a coin there (I forget what the coin nominal), the purpose of this is you must return the cart back to the place, if you want the money back. Good idea I think.


Dinner @ Lotte Mart


Dinner @ Lotte Mart – Naengmyeon


Dinner @ Lotte Mart




@LotteMart – Our shopping bag

So our night is finished after our shopping done. We bought so much, put all inside the bag, and we rode the metro to back to our apartment. So happy when arrived, the night is much colder that the first night we arrived, and out foot is already in auto walk mode because too much waking.

To be continued

By Lil Sis


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