AUTUMN IN KOREA – DAY 13 (SEOUL) – Itaewon, Dongdaemun, Lantern Fest @Cheonggyeocheon

So, Finally I arrived at our last Day in Korea. This post will be aour last post about our daily activities in South Korea Autumn 2014. I finished this post after 2 years, not something to brag i think, but at least I finished it. Yeahhh. So actually, we have 14 days in Korea, but the 14th day is nothing compare the other days, We woke up early , went to airport, and went home, nothing special activity, So in my Blog, Day 13 will become the last day. I will talk about Day 14 in last paragraph, for the ending of my Autumn in Korea post.

So, In our last day, we feel little bit gloomy, our day in South Korea will be finished, and we will start our routine activities in Jakarta again. And our last day in South Korea is so damn cold, I think the temperature is down drastically compare than the other day, actually in the night, I nearly be ninja with all the armor I used. So, today Mr Damz still has ambition to see idol, so He went to brodcasting company this time. He woke up in the morning and went there, we plan to meet at Itaewon in the afternoon. And the girl, we decided to packing our luggage. We clean up our thing and packed in in our bag.

Our Lotte Mart shopping result

Our Lotte Mart shopping result

This is what we bought yesterday night at Lotte Mart. We read somewhere about Market O, how people really like it, so we bought it too. But actually I don’t really ike it,  the brownie is too sweet I think. But MarketO Real Cheese Chip is so good I think, for all cheese lover you must buy this chip.  We also bought pepero,we bough the flavours that I never saw it in Indonesia. We Bought some red ginseng tea for our Parent, candy, and the red one in the front row, I like that too. I think the best snack we bought is the cheese chip and the red one in front row.

We bought Ice Coffee this morning. Suhee  our host leave a book that contain her home rules and what interesting places and food around her place. One of them is Orange coffee. I am really curious about the taste. So Big Sis and I go to the cafe in the morning. It’s not far from the apartment, we just need to crosses the road, and we arrived. The seller is 2 beautiful woman, not so good in English but still welcomed us warmly. It’s so damn cool , so we want to buy the hot orange coffee, but they told us it’s better with iced. So we bought The Ice orange coffee. The taste is really unique, I can smell orange and taste the orange but the cofee is also strong, If the weather is not as cold as that day, I think it will be better.

Orange Coffee

Orange Coffee

After we finished pack our items, we go to Itaewon , We strolling in Itaewon, but mostly the restaurant and the cafe still closed in the afternoon. As I know Itaewon live after Sunset, so I thought we went in wrong time. We found a lot of store that sold imitation bag, shoes, wallet, and another thing with good quality and good prices. it’s like Mangga Dua in Jakarta I think. So many tourist and local shop there. We met Mr Damz at the evening, we walk to one of Hong Seok Cheon restaurant, but it’s closed, so our plan to had lunch there is gone with the wind. We decided to went to Dongdaemun.

In Dongdaemun , you can find a lot of mall there, side by side, you can had shopping marathon here. So many store with not so expensive thing inside. We enter one mall and found this Kakao Talk icon, really cute, we can not resist to took photo with them. I specially really like how the brown dog smirks. Cute overload…..

Kakao Talk

Kakao Talk

There are so many street stall there, selling any kind of Street food , souvenirs, shirts, shoes, fruits, etc. And then We saw a very big strawberry (compare with Indonesia strawberry), and Korea strawberry known with how big, red and sweet it is, so we decided to buy it. The strawberry is big, so red, and really sweet. So yummy,… Don’t forget to taste it when you in Korea.



It’s already dark, and we decided to had a dinner. We entered one of mall, and go to their foodcourt. The foodcourt is so big, and like the other foodcourt, there are so many seller, and the chair and table is in the middle, surrounded by the seller. But the cool thing is, after we ordered food, we don’t need to wait in front of the stall, we can sit in our table, they gave us a beeper, and it will be beep beep when our food is ready. And this foodcourt, like the other foodcourt in South Korea, we can get a free flow water, self service, jut find the water station. This foodcourt also have a rule that I really like, clean your own table after eat. I think somehow, although we are customer, clean the table is a good thing to do. So, the rule is clean your table,  bring your plate, cultery, and your rubish into the designated place. In Indonesia, as I know the foodcourt in IKEA has this rule, but when I visited IKEA,  mostly the customer don’t follow the rule, I don’t know why, maybe because Indonesian, always think they are higher than others. I glad that some people know that rule and follow it nicely, but the other just leave their table with dirty plate, tray, glass, and the other crap, so SAD, maybe they doesn’t know about the rule.

Anyway, this is what we ordered. Bulgogi Set, we get one portion og rice, bulgogi, seaweed soup, a glass of water, and banchan. The bulgogi is not the best, but it’s still delicious. We ordered Spicy Chicken Set, the set is same with the bulgogi, the different thing is only the main dish. We also bought Seafood Pajeon. Our dinner is not really feast, but the taste is delicious and hiding in a building is so damn good, because it’s much colder right now.

Bulgogi Set

Bulgogi Set

Chicken Set

Chicken Set



After we finished our dinner, we suddenly craving for dessert. And we want to taste Korean shaved Ice again. And accidentally when we going down, we found a cute cafe in a corner. So we sat there. And we bought a toast, cheese and garlic and red bean patbingsoo. The toast i prefer the injeolmi toast that we eat in Busan with Sung Oppa, For the Patbingsoo, i like both. I really like how smooth the ice, and it go well with the red bean. So yummy dessert.



Cheese and Garlic Toast

Cheese and Garlic Toast

After eat and eat, we decided to go to K Live, K-live, the world’s first K-pop hologram performance hall invites you to a world of hallyu fantasy. Located on the 9th floor of Lotte FitIn (롯데피트인), the hall showcases a variety of K-pop concerts using the best in hologram technology. The experience is made even more immersive with the combination of augmented and virtual reality technologies. Audiences can watch their favorite artists projected onto a 270-degree media facade, which is accompanied by a 14.2 channel surround sound system (detail). Although the description is we can watch their fac artist, but the fact is only YG artist. The hologram concert from YG artist like Big Bang, 2Ne1, and Psy. The decoration is full of YG artist standing banner, and the iconic Krunk from YG. You can find the other idol in store part, they sell CD and souvenir of Kpop. We, the girld exactly decided to watch Big Bang concert. Mr Damz said we already saw hologram concert in  Everland, so he choose to just wait us outside.



Before we entered the concert hall, we explore the other part of KLive, the most interesting thing is, what you can find in level 2. SO many Krunk there, cute and swag Krunk.


Krunk with GD


Annoyed Krunk with me


DJ Krunk with me


Red hat Krunk with Red Hat me


Little Krunk


Mail box for YG artist. We can write a mail and sent it to them via this mail box.

After the concert finish. We decided to see lampion festival in Cheonggyecheon. We alredy went there before, but the  lampion is not ready yet. So in our last night in South Korea, we want to see it. We are really happy see the lampion is already turn on and it so beautiful.


The big lampion in the entrance of Cheonggyeocheon Stream


King Sejong and Hangul


Winter Tree


Ninja. FYI it’s really cold, that’s why I turned into Ninja, the picture not inspired me to be Ninja.


Lantern fest @Cheonggyeocheon Stream


Lantern fest @Cheonggyeocheon Stream


2 Ninja want to conquer the cold night

So, After fight with cold wind, we decided to went home. We had a early flight tomorrow, and we must sleep early for that. We walking home, from cheonggyeocheon , our apartment is not too far. We keep walking like Ninja because it’s so damn cold. Before sleep we packed our things, and be ready to going home. We, 3 girls, was finished pack this morning, so we just do some finishing.

We will ride a taxi to the ariport. The driver is driver that took us from airport to Suhee Apartment, he offered us to use him when we want go home. We accept it, because we think it will be hard to rode a bus or subway to airport with all our luggage and it will be hard find taxi at 4am. So his offering we accept it right away. The ahjussi is so kind by the way.

From Seoul to Incheon, we need 1 hour, and because it’s so earlyin the morning, I think I sleep in the car, and I woke up when we already arrived at the airport. And that’s it, we check in, and had breakfast in airport. not so good so I don’t shared it with you guys. And we went home to Indonesia.

Our Autumn in Korea is overed

BY : Lil Sis


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