Still at Malaysia, From Colmar we went up to Japanese House. From Colmar actually you can ride a car, like golf car but longer than it, maybe have 8 -10 row. But we rode a car, so with our car we went there. We arrived at the Parking area, and we must went up on uphill road on foot. Miss Pepz almost gave up to walk up, but after so much fighting, we arrived at Souvenir shop that sell ice cream there. So we went there and bought some ice cream. It sells walls ice cream, and I found unique ice cream there, it’s called Salero, later I found it in Indonesia. It is lime ice cream outside and inside it has vanilla ice cream. It become my favourite ice cream after that, that day is so hot, and we must do some hiking , it’s so tiring and HOT, so this sour and sweet ice cream really refresh our body and mind. SO, when I see that ice cream in Indonesia, I am really happy. So  good for tropical country like Indonesia.


Japanese House

After finished our ice cream we directly go up (again) to the Japanese house. We can learn about tea ceremony in Japan, wear Yukata and taking photo around with it. But you must pay for that. And because we on budget So we just strolling around the house and enjoy the scenery, it’s quite good, and so green. Enjoy the green and the water sound.

We didn’t took a long time there, after a while we finished our visit and go to eat for lunch. After got so many hot wave and go hike, we already hungry and need to fill up. So we asked our driver to bring us to good place to eat. And he took us to Kampung Baru, there are a restaurant named Medan Selera there. It’s sell Malaysian Foo and Thai Food. They sell something called Mie Celup, but the topping is full with “jeroan” so i didn’t ordered it, but Miss Pepz ordered it right away after she saw it. I taste the soup and it’s really good. I ordered Thai food this time Tom Yum with rice, Mr Damz order soup daging (noodle Soup) with rice, and Mandra ordered Mie mama. All is good I think, but i think the best is Mie Celup, if I come again I will try Mie celup with just meat.


Tom Yum @ Medan Selera Kampung Baru. You can see soup daging on top this picture.

After we eat we go to Petaling Street -China Town at Kuala Lumpur. It’s not as good as china town in Singapore I think. It’s too packed with people and full of faked thing with cheap price, maybe that’s why it’s full with chinese wanting too buy cheap bag, shoes, wallet, even make up. And that’s why so many pickpocket there. Take care of your bag and wallet if you go there. From Petaling, we go to Twin Tower. We arrived at the Suria KLCC mall. oh yeah, i forgot to tell you that from Kampung Baru actually we directly went to Suria KLCC mall, but we went to Petaling street with MRT from there. It’s faster that ride a car because it will be so many traffic in the evening. Our sriver followed us and become our tour guide. Ride MRT in Malaysia, you need to buy ticket at the machine ticket, it’s so easy to use, just picked where do you want to go and how many ticket. It will count how much we need to pay, enter the money, and the ticket and the changes will be out too if we entered more money than how much we need to pay. The ticket is actually like a token, black, round, plastic. We must insert it into the gate to entered the station, it will be out again, and we need to insert it again when we go outside the station. When we go out the token will not be out again like when we entered.


Lok Lok – We found this at Petaling street. And Miss Pepz bought the siobak, anf it’s really good.


Twin Tower with me

We went to Suria KLCC because we eant to see Twin Tower, and the dancing water fountain. So we went to the park and find the best view to watched. Sit and taking photo. But suddenly the rain poured us heavily. We must finished our photo session quickly and couldn’t watch the dancing fountain. After that we wait for Mandra to shopping make up there. And we directly went to our hostel to take a rest. Our hostel is Revopacker, it’s located at Bukit Bintang, not too far from Jalan ALor. That’s why we choose this hostel, because at the night we plan to go to Jalan Alor for dinner. The hostel is nice, clean, and service is pretty good too. We got breakfast too, although is just bread and jam.  But we must took a lot of stairs to enter this hostel. Quite shock at first, fortunately the hostel is not too bad.




Our Room at Revopacker, It enough for 5 people actually.


Bathroom @Revopacker. We got private bathroom, they served towel, soap and shampoo

After we take a rest for awhile, clening our self. We decide to grab dinner. We went to Jalan Alor, it’s no too far, maybe just 10 minutes walking. Before this, when our driver took us to Revopacker, he told us about Jalan Alor, there are some prostitution there, especially on the night. Man will be offered a girl there. The girl will just sit along the way, waiting some man asked the to do that thing. They will ask you, inside hotel or in your car. But when we come, i didn’t see something like that, maybe the woman will be out at near midnight.  We found so many hostel in the course, bar, and so many reataurant. After some google, we found that many food blogger from Malaysia have good impression with this restaurant Wang Ah Wah at Jalan Alor. So we decided to eat there. After we arrived, there are a lot of restaurant there, and what they sell actually not really differnet, sea food and Thailand style. Beside that so many food cart there. We bought fried ball yam (sweet potato),it is so good. Mandra bough fried sweet potato like Hot Star, and that is good too. And then we ordered this at Wang Ah Wah.


BBQ Chicken Wings


Roasted Pork Noodle with Blackbean souce


Salted Egg Sotong

The best dish is the noodle. The chicken wing , the suace is weird I think. The salted egg dish usually will be so good. But this is disaster. I don’t get it why the blogger think the food is good here. Maybe Our taste bud is different, Me, Miss Pepz, Mandra, and Mr Damz don’t think this place is good enough. After eat ur main course that not really good, we strolled at Jalan Alor, and found famous colorful dimsum. We bought some, and this is the best. I think next time I go to Jalan Alor, I will just buy the dimsum and eat it until I full. It’s so good, especially the neat bu. it really cheap too. Try it. One dimsum onlu 1 RM, so cheap right.


Dimsum @Jalan Alor

After strolling, we go back to our hostel and decided to sleep, because we are so tired and we wake up too early that day. So we sleep and it’s over . Tomorrow we will rode a bus to Melacca. Check our stories in Melacca after this ya..

By. Lil Sis


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