Short Escape to Malaysia – Kuala Lumpur Edition – part 1

Hi, back to Travel Edition again. SO this time Lis Sis will share about my holiday to Malaysia. It’s just a short escape from the busy city, Jakarta.  I went to Malaysia for 5D4N, 1 night at Kuala Lumpur, 1 Night at Malacca, and 2 Night at Penang. I went ther with Miss Pepz, Mr Damz, and Mandra , actually incezz supposed to be followed us too, but because of one and another things, she couldn’t go. So we 4 people, 1 man and 3 woman went there for short escape.


The view from my seat. I don’t know why but i think i often got the seat near the wing, my photo always show the wing.

As always, we got cheap ticket from Air Asia. We boarded at 6am, so early in the morning. Mr Damz even sleep at the airport. At first he planned to sleep at Miss pepz house, but he think it better for him, took a bus from Bandung directly to airport in Jakarta, and sleep at the airport. He will got more time to sleep. So, at 12 am he rode bus from Bandung to the airport, I think at 2 or 3 am he already arrived and continue sleep there. So at 4.30 am I arrived at the airport, my mission is finding Mr Damz, but he actually had checked in, so he was inside already. So I sit near check in counter, waiting for Miss Pepz and Mandra, at 5 am they arrived, and we entered the immigration. When I queue for immigration stamp, in front of me, there are some people who really suspicious. One of their friend, couldn’t get the stamp, I think the passport is fake, she was taken to another place and suddenly a man come to rescued the other who totally confused and asked them to out from the queue. The officer who took the fake passport before is gone and make my queue is stacked for a long time. I think they are “TKW” but somehow ilegal and the man that companied them is somehow like their agent. I am not sure anyway.


So, back to topic, we boarded. I was tried to sleep, but I couldn’t, maybe I was excited about this trip, even I was really sleepy that time. FYI, I woke up at 3.30 am in the morning, and I finished packing my thing at 12.30 am, so I barely sleep only 3 hours.So Sleepy. And then we arrived at Malaysia. We had booked a driver that took us everywhere we want. his name is…. (Sorry I am forget his name). He is Indonesian, but he is taking graduate course in Malaysia, and his wife also Malaysian. So he stay there long enough to be our tour guide. Our first destination is Colmar Tropicale French Theme Resort di Berjaya Hills. It’s quite far from the airport. And we will take toll road to get there, so we decided to find a rest area to eat. At first we was confused, what we must eat, and our driver suggest us to eat McDonald for breakfast, I actually hate that idea, I am in Malaysia right now, I think for breakfast I need to eat Nasi Lemak, or something that Malaysia’s style. But the other said OK. But fortunately Our driver forgot to take the route to the rest area, so we stopped at next area that don’t has McDonald there but they have food court there. And it make me confused what to eat. But it’s still early in the morning, mostly the stall has not opened yet. There are 2 stall that pulled me really hard, they sell Nasi Ayam (Chicken Rice), the chicken hanged in the display window and it’s really tempting my “keroncongan” stomach. And after some struggle I choose this one.


Nasi ayam “Teoh Eng Huat”


Nasi ayam “Teoh Eng Huat”

The chicken rice is looked like Hainam Chicken rice, but the rice is not really hainam taste I think. Not so delicious, but quite good for breakfast. The sauce and chicken blend well. and it’s so cheap, it’s bellow 20K IDR. And I glad i choose this stall, because Mr Damz choose the other one, and it’s not good as what i choosed. Mandra didn’t buy rice like we did, she bought kaya bread and coffee. After finished our breakfast we continued our trip. The course is quite far, but luckily because we took toll road, we didn’t meet any traffic jam.

Finally, we arrive at Colmar, actually Colmar is a resort. The resort is quite spooky from the outside, but our driver said, inside is quite good. Colmar has an area that fill with France style building, colorful and good for photo session. It’s remind me with Petite france in Korea, but bigger and more beautiful in Korea. We don’t need pay for admission to entered the Colmar, but we need admission ticket to enter the Berjaya Hills. It’s one complex I think, there is Japanese garden too in this complex.





The place is not big, but the building is pretty and colorful. There are some restaurant insid, some game arcade too. But we just strolling around. It’s so hot, so we didn’t take a lot of time there. Some photo session and some cigarettes (Mandra and our driver is smokers) we decided to go to our net destination. We didn’t plan to go there before, but our driver suggest us to go, so we just go, it’s Japanese garden in Berjaya hills. I will tell you more in my next post.

By. Lil Sis


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