Short Escape to Malaysia – Malacca Edition – Part 1

Day 2, we plan to go to Malacca, but before that, we plan to had breakfast in KL, find any local market nearby to get some Malaysian food. But Mandra got shocking news, I am in the middle taking a shower, and suddenly I hear crying sound, I finished as soon as possible, and when I exit the bathroom, the aura in our bed room is so gloomy with Mandra cried on her bed. I didn’t dare to ask what’s wrong. Yahh, it’s really a shocking news, but what can she do, it’s already overed, and if she go back to Indonesia, she also can not do anything. So, she just calm herself and our trip is going as we plan. But yeah no breakfast as we want, we eat breakfast that revopacker prepared for the guest, just bread and some jam, but better than go with empty stomach.


Our long JOurney from Kuala Lumpur to Malacca

So we go to Malacca by bus, we already bought ticket online, so we just need to go to Bus Terminal. We ordered uber. The receptionist helped us give direction to the driver where is revopacker. We got small car, with small baggage too, so we must sit with some luggage in our lap. Fortunately the trip is not too long, we arrived safely. Our first mission in terminal is too change the online ticket to get boarding pass to get on the bus. And then, the bread we ate early just fill 1/4 our stomach so our second mission is buy food. But the problem is the boarding time will arrived soon, our main mission to board the bus can not be failed. So, after finished out 1st mission, we directly go to waiting room, to board the bus, dismissed our 2nd mission. After when we sit like 5 minutes, the officer said our bus will be late. So, Mr Damz decided run to buy fast food (KFC, McD, or another type of it). We throw the baton to Mr Damz to conquer our 2nd mission. Fortunately, he got it quick, we got sandwhich by Sub way. Bread again, but at least our hunger is solved for a moment.

Oh yeah, the terminal is outstanding. It’s the best terminal bus I ever go, it’s nearly like airport. The bus also so good. It’s like “Bus Pariwisata” in Indonesia, even better. The bus is Big, the chair is also big enough, you will be feel comfortable sit there and slip during the long journey. It has AC, so don’t worry it’s cold inside. It’s really beyond my expectation. It’s so Good. From Kuala Lumpur to Malacca is so long journey. We took 2 hour to get there, and yeah we all sleep.

We arrived to Malacca, we need to go to our hostel, but we saw McD there and want to eat first. So Mandra, Miss Pepz, and Mr Damz eat Mcd there, Lil Sis is still full with bread and sandwich before so I skip this time. They said the chicken is better in Indonesia, and the important thing, “Sambal” (chili sauce) is 100% better in Indonesia than this. The cheese burger become weird because that chili sauce. Chili Sauce from Indonesia is the best I think. ^^


Route from Malacca Sentral bur Terminal to Nomaps

We ordered uber again to bring us to our next hostel, it called Nomaps. And I really like this one. The place, service, the food is extraordinary in my opinion. Next trip to Malacca, maybe I also will choose this hostel. It’s really recommended in my opinion. Just check my review for the details.

So, after arrived at Nomaps, we check in and rest a little bit. “Gulang Guling” on our bed, unfortunately is rain outside, so to take a walk is little bit inconvenient, so we decided to take a rest more and continue our journey after that. But, the rain is keep going, but our stomach want to be filled (again) so, we decided to take a walk with umbrella. Me, Miss Pepz and Mr Damz bring umbrella, and Mandra borrowed it from the receptionist. We talk a walk to Famosa. Famosa is know as Chicken Rice Ball restaurant, it’s really famous there. In Malacca there are some of it and in meal time it always full.  But Kedai Kopi Chungwa also popular with the chicken rice, but it’s only open in the morning, and because there just 1 branch, so the queue is so incredible. And they close when their supply for today is finished, so usually at noon they already closed they restaurant. Some people chicken rice ball is more delicious here than Famosa , but it’s so hard to wake up early so I missed the chance to taste it, when I went there, it’s already too long queue and I hate queue. Next time i will try.


Famosa Chicken Rice Ball

 We ordered (of course) the Chicken Rice Ball, Steamed Chicken, BBQ Pork, and Roasted Pork. For Chciken Rice , it count per piece, not per portion we ordered 15 pieces, just for me, Miss pepz and Mr Damz, because Mandra in the middle in diet, so she didn’t eat with us, she just ordered Watermelon juice . The juice is unique though, they blend the juice inside the fruit, so it served still in watermelon shape with a hole and a straw. It’s good, fresh, and without sugar. But the problem is the watermelon seed still inside, so sometime the seed will be sucked and it’s really disturbed the drinking process. FYI, the watermelon is not big , so one person can finish a watermelon by herself.

We ordered Steam chicken, the chicken is moist and go well with the sauce. I really like it. And for the BBQ pork and roasted pork also so delicious. But I don’t think it’s really special. We can get the this taste in Indonesia, maybe the feel eating rice with ball shape the main attraction here. But my friend told me that I must taste Kedai Chung wa , it’s different and more delicious, next time I must try it I guess. So take alook for the detail bellow.


Famosa – 1/2 Steamed Chicken 18RM


Famosa – The famous Chicken rice Ball  0.30 RM each ball


Famosa – BBQ Pork Small 9RM


Famosa – Roasted Pork Larg 15Rm

After eat, we begin our adventure.  Rain still on, but walking with no umbrella bearable now. So because Mandra get a big umbrella and it’s difficult too carry on, so she decided to return it first. So, Me, Miss Pepz and Mr Damz walk into the iconic red church. Malacca city is not big, the attraction is located in one place, so you can take a walk or rent a bicycle to explore Malacca. We decided on foot this time. We strolled around the river, unfortunately it was rain so we can not sit beautifully enjoy the river view. We find a museum with unique shape, and it’s really big ship. But we are not into museum right now. SO we just enjoy it from outside. We found so many bus pariwisata, so many tourist, we found Hard Rock Cafe, we found an old fort. So beautiful old town I think. And it’s rain so somehow it increase the classic feel.


Hard Rock Cafe , Malacca

This Hard Rock Cafe is so crowded in the night. So many tourist chilling inside. At first we want to enjoy our night inside too. But we found another local cafe and we think it’s more great inside, there’s live music, with warm feel, some couple even dance , so romantic. With cozy feel, not too crowded. I forget the name, but it’s not far from nomaps, it located alongside the river too.


Watch Tower Malacca


The famous Red building Malacca


Fountain – Malacca


Red Church – Malacca City


River view, with outstanding old city view


The grand Casa Del Rio


Ship shaped musuem


Water Wheel

The water wheel really make me disappointed. As I know this water wheel is quite popular, so many people take a photo with this wheel, and it’s quite historical too. But, I come and see not so grand water wheel. it’s really bellow my expectation. It’s already broken water wheel, I know the wheel is not used anymore, it’s just historical, but I think the governor must think about this more. As tourist I really want to see the grand water wheel instead the broken water wheel.







As I said Malacca is not big, we enjoy the view, and the main attraction, and rain keep pouring and make this strolling little bit uncomfortable, cold, and we think it will be bad for our body. So we decided to went back to Nomaps, take a bath, take a rest and then go outsie again when the Night Market at Jonker Street already open. Yeah, we come in Friday, and the night market only open in Friday Night, Saturday Night, and Sunday Night. But, we meet with Mandra first, she stayed at H&M, it’s cheaper there then Indonesia. But hinestly the H&M building  tear down the classic feel there. I don’t know why governor gave H&M permit to build their building there. At least make it more classic, it ruined the city I think, but yeah it’s quite crowded, tourist like shopping though.

Yeah we  going back to Nomaps, and I will continue my Malacca story in next post. So keep reading, and waiting for my post. ^^

BY. Lil Sis


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