Short Escape to Malaysia – Malacca Edition – Part 2

So, I will continue my Short Escape to Malaysia Edition, still at Mallacca, I and my friend decided to take a rest before spent our night at jonker street night market. If you confused about my opening, just read the rest about my Short Excape to Malaysia here. So, we decided to go to Malacca on Friday, because we know that Jonker Street Night Market only open in Friday, Saturday and Sunday Night. So we arrange our trip like this.  As we know, and Miss Pepz experience (She has visited Malacca before), Jonker street night market will full with food stall, craft stall, clothes, bag, and many more.  So, we really excited to explore the night market.


Jonker Street

We moved from our bed on 6 pm, walk to Jonker street, and see so many people, but mostly the stall is not ready yet. I guessed it because the rain just stopped so they are just starting to open their stall. We can see so many seller still busy arrange their display. There are some stall that pull us but it’s not ready yet, so we decided to keep walking, and go there again after that. Maybe we must go at 7pm, so the stall is all ready. FYI, the night market open until 12 am. So, even you go at 9 pm i think it still crowded with people.


Yogurt Ice Cream – Egg shaped

I read a blog about this ice cream, Actually the taste is what you imagine, yogurt taste. But I think the shaped is unique and cute. So that’s why I am dying to but it. So when I turn in a corner, and see a this stall, i quickly jump there and bought this tiny mango flavour yogurt ice cream. So yummy and fresh, you can taste the mango, it’s good. They sell many flavour, mango, orange, lychee, avocado, dragon fruit, etc. It’s only 3 RM.


Cute Bakpao, But the filling is extraordinary. It filled with sambal pete (petai).


Caligraphy, you can pay her to write your name in caligraphy. Focus on the hand, She doesn’t fave fingers and only has one arm. Unbelievable.


Dried flower/plant. It’s good for our body, drink it like tea, brewed it with hot water. For example the crysanthemum is good for out throat. The benefit is explained well on the white paper on each box.


Kui Bahulu – I think this is Kue Bolu in Indonesia.

Thie egg tart stall is really have a long queue, so we curious to taste it. So we decided to see, and they sell so many fusion egg tart. They mixed it with oreo, blueberry, chocolate, green tea, and many more, and believe it or not, they don’t prepare the original one. But yeah, Mandra want the original one, so they said they will make it, but please wait around 30 minutes. W.O.W. But yeah, we decided to order, and continue our walk and comeback after 30 minutes. But unfortunately, I think they forget about our order or maybe just too busy, so we still must wait, the original one is still on the process, it didn’t enter oven yet. And when we get it finally, taste it, and I don’t think it’s that good, i think i ever eat more delicious egg tart  than this in Jakarta.

Miss Pepz in the midle of hunting Oyster omelette, she had it before on her first visit, A granny sell it and it’s really delicious. So Miss Pepz really want to taste it again. But she can not find it anymore, maybe granny is already retired. But we found other stall, and order there, but the taste is not same, it’s not good, I think the Chuantin Oyster Omelette in Jakarta better than this one. I really want to taste Char kway teow, there ia one stall that really pull me, the father and his daughter(maybe only 13-15 years old) sell it, the fater fried the kway teow really cool and the daughter help her father prepare the ingredient, served it to customer and wrap it if it is a take away order, and so many people buy. So I went there and buy 1 portion. But in my turn, the father and daughter switch place, so my order is made by the daughter. She cook it very well too, so powerfull cooking. But I don’t know, if she cook is wrong or the taste indeed like that, my Char Kway teow is really dissapointed me. It’s not good at all.  I wonder why so many people buy it. I even can finished it.


Char Kway Teow – Sorry for the blurry

Miss pepz bought satay, and it’s good I think, I already dissapointed with 2 dish before, so i am glad find a dish that suite my taste. Miss Pepz also bought quail egg satay. Quail egg itself is good, and they add sausage inside so it make it better. Miss Pepz and I also bough Ubi ball, ubi is like sweet potato. And the UBi Ball is really goos, sweet and “membal” (I don’t know how to describe it in english, but it’s good). IN this night market , there are so many restaurant or food stal, they sell seafood too. But It’s too crowded so hard to get chair, and i think we not in the mood to taste the seafood, so we only “Jajan” but yeah a lot of jajan. My culinary adventour in this place not so extraordinary I think. My expectation is more than this, so I am dissapointed. But I feel culture here and that’s why I am pretty happy take a walk here.

First, they sell so many craft, unique craft, woman accessories (bracelet, ring, necklace, etc), shirt, bag, caps, handphone case, keychain, even kitchenware. I really enjoy to see this thing. Second, there are some community hall along Jonker street, I found one that it used for dancing class. So many aunties (40 to up year old) dancing happily and so energetic. I am so amazed with this. And the other, i saw so many grandpa and grandma doing Taichi. So cool. And third, this is make me shocked, really hard. There is a Funeral home there. and exactly in front of that place, the jonker street (noisy and busy stree) on on live. And when I was there, the funeral processing is on, a lot of people with white shirt inside, mourning, and i think they are Buddhist, I can hear some Buddhist praying.

After tired, walking around Jonker street, and we think we can not eat anymore, too full and our foot also too tired. We decide to going home to our hostel. But Mandra suggest us to “nongkie” first. We found a local bar, it’s quite cozy bar, with live music and river view. We go upstairs, and we got a best place to see the river , lucky us. Drink some beer and watching live music, maybe because it’s local it has a warm feel, a couple start dancing along the music, and the some other couple follow them dancing happily (jealous I am not there with my boyfriend T_T). After drink some beer, talking, laughing, gossiping, we going home. It’s really closed with our hostel, Nomaps so in no time we already at our bed and sleep.


Drinking Buddy

Next day, we will fly to Penang. BUt we have enough time to take a walk arounf Malacca for last time. And because we dissapointed with our Culinary journey last night. Miss Pepz quickly searching about what we can eat for breakfast in Malacca. We got breakfast in our Hostel, nasi lemat and curry puff. But we need eat more. So we found Mei Sin Cafe. And after eat at our hostel, already take a bath too we walked too Mei Sin Cafe on foot. Maybe it took 10-15 minutes walk. But I see another side Malacca here. Jonker Street,  the church and the river area are like tourist area. But our path to Mei Sin showed us how local people live here and I like it.

We found it after follow google maps. And we order Wantan Mee. The noodle is really thin, and the taste is not too strong, it’s light but the taste is delicious, the soup also good and it come with wantan (wonton/pangsit) and it’s also really good. But the thing here is Swi Kiaw and as claimed by the aunty of this wan tan mee stall, the swi kiaw is based on her own recipe. It’s really good. I also bough Teh Tarik here. Although we must walk so far and in hot weather, I think it’s worth.


Wantan Mee – Mei Shin Cafe

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After we finish eat, we come back to Nomaps, packing our stuff. Order Uber, and go to Airport. We got small car, so we must sit with our luggage again. Check out our seat arrangement bellow. And we seat like this for 30 minutes, from Nompas to Airport. When we arrived, we check in our baggage, and wait patiently. The airport is not big, and not so many people here. There’s only one cafe there, 1 chocolate shop, and other shop that sell many thing.


Mandra – Me – Miss Pepz and Mr Damz

Suddenly, we got news that our plane is delayed. We used Malindo Air, small plane it’s only have 4 chair in a row, and you can see propeller blades outside. Miss Pepz and Mandra go to the cafe to eat (kill the time) and Mr Damz decided to find a long bench to sleep and I follow him but not sleep just sit. When Adam sleep, I found 2 idle massage chair in front of us and it’s really tempting. Our body little bit stiff, from too much walking and lacked of sleep, so massage it will be really good. So I try, and i found little paradise. Hahahah. And then Miss Pepz and Andra joined me try the massage chair. We spend a lot of time take turn sit there. When Mr Damz wake up, he tried it too and of course he into it. Hahahaha. Oh yeah we must pay for the massage chair. But I am sorry I forget how much, but not too expensive, because we used it so many times.


Our Plane – Malacca to Penang

When wait the plane I also bought his ice cream. It’s Kit Kat Ice cream. there are 2 type, the red one (original kit kat) and the green one (green tea kit kat), I choose green tea. I never see this ice cream in Indonesia. And the taste it’s good. And after delayed an hour, we board the plane and fly to Penang. I will continue my story on my next post.

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A colurful gate near Nomaps.

BY. Lil Sis


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