Short Escape to Malaysia – Penang Edition – Part 1

After Kuala Lumpur and Mellaca, this post will tell you about Lil Sis stories in Penang. Penang is the last port of Short Escape to Malaysia. We spent 2 night here and mostly our time was used for culinary experience. Penang is wonderful town to eat and spend your time to find good food. Because our flight is delayed, we arrived late at Penang, as usual we ordered Uber and it safely bought us from airport to our hostel. After check in, we went to our capsule, explore the capsule and then we decided to go find something to eat. We plan to use motorcycle, so first we must find a rental place. We found one beside our hostel, maybe just 20 steps from the main entrance, we found a book shop that also rent a bicycle and motorcycle. We rent 2 motorcycle and they provide us helmet. We got new motorcycle with more expensive price than the old ones. But we have healthy body, so the new ones look strong enough for us. They asked our driver license and passport. Oh yeah, they don’t need international driver license, we gave them Indonesia Driver License. We also filled an document to rent the motorcycle. After that he copied the document, we paid, and we can use the motorcycle 48 hours (we rent it for 2 days).


Rental Owner


Pasar Pulau Tikus

After got the vehicle, we went to Pasar Pulau Tikus. In the morning this place is traditional market full with fresh meat, fish, vegetable, but in the evening it turn into food place, so many food stall stand there and sell their food. You can find so many Penang food here, curry mee, char kwee teoy, etc. We went there with GPS on hand. We arived safely after doing a wrong turn, confused, and then find the right way when the lightning shine bright. The place is crowded with people. The place is not big, but so many food there, and hard to find a place to sit. Luckily a family finish their meal when we come, so we got their table right away. And then we start to hunt the food.


Curry Mee

This night Miss Pepz had trouble with her stomach. So she didn’t ordered a lot. Mandra also feel full so she only bought cakwe. So just me and Mr Dams the food hunter here. But the main problem is, rain is coming guysss. So, we ordered what we want to eat. I ordered curry mee, Mr Damz ordered Char kwey teow, and Miss Pepz ordered Fish Ball noodle. It’s delicious but nothing special to me. I want to buy a fried bread with minced chicken on topped but no one to shared, they already full and the portion is too big for me alone. So, we decide to finish at comeback to our hotel. We went to parking area and rain poured, We quickly jump to out motor and run back to our home.


Pasar Pulau Tikus Food

We arrived at the hostel, park the motor nicely in front of the hostel, and went to take a shower. After finish taking a shower, we take a rest until Miss Pepz said let’s go outside. I think that time her stomach got better and the rain was stopped too. So we change our clothes and strolling around our hostel. And we found some building that full with food, it’s look like food court. But maybe because it’s too late, some of stall is closed or preparing to closed. The remaining open stall is not really pull me too try their food. So after so much “YES”, “NO”, “WHATEVER” we went to desert restaurant beside that food court. It sell chinese dessert soup, and because ride motorcycle after rain is so damn cold we decide to warm our selves with hot soup. I ordered barley with bean curd. It’s not too sweet and it’s good to warm your self and comforting too I think. Delicious. After finish eating we strolling around but the food stall closed everywhere, so we decide going back and sleep for better tomorrow.

Beancurd with barley soup #dessert #traditional #penang #Georgetown

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Next morning we wake up and without taking a bath went out to find our breakfast. This is what we eat Lorbak and some kind of noodle. We eat this at Kheng Pin cafe. It’s kind of food court, so there are some food stal beside this lorbak and noodle. You must try the lorbak, it’s soooo goood

another kind of Mee #Wanthungmee #Georgetown #penang #breakfast

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After this we went to Mugshot cafe. The cafe has unique interior and the food is good too. I recommend you to come here when you in Penang.

So our morning is like that, we going back to our hotel and taking a bath. Mr Damz went to Little India alone to find some ingredient for his restaurant. I will continue our stories in Penang in my next posting. Stay tune please. Keep read ^^


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