First Impression – Sydney

Hello, It’s been a long time since I wrote here. I have been married last October and now I lived in Sydney with my husband. My husband is Indonesian and was born in Indonesia, but he moved to Sydney when he was kid. He grew up here and now he is working here also. It’s hard for me to leave my life in Indonesia but this is the way that I choose so I will fight for it and hopefully in the end, I will enjoy my life here also. 🙂

Opera House Sydney

Before this, I have already visited Sydney few times but I never write about that and now, still jobless here, I will try to share my experience here. When the first time I came here, I fell in love with the sky. The sky is so blue and bright, similar like in my hometown, Bangka and I love it. So much. You cannot see sky like this in Jakarta.


I can see a lot of trees also, and river/lake or beach beside the busy road. It’s so nice. The traffic here sometimes can be packed also but it’s still bearable compared to Jakarta. And because of the council regulation and small population also I think, houses here can still have a front garden and a backyard. The wide backyard where you can have a swimming pool or barbecue with your friends (I don’t have a swimming pool but many people have one here). Of course, there are a lot of apartments also, especially in the CBD (city business district) for those who want to live close to their university or office or those who want to live in a small convenient place or those who still cannot afford house.

Australia is a country with four seasons but here in Sydney, there is no snow in the winter. You must go to snowy mountain if you want to see snow. It was autumn when I first came here and I feel upset because there is not many colourful leaves trees here. I feel a little upset because of this. I live in four season country now, but no snow and no colourful trees. >_< And in last summer, the temperature hit 40 degree and it’s so hot that I didn’t want to go out. I only want to stay at home with the AC on. If you go outside, it looks like you be inside the oven. So burning hot.



Besides the weather, the nature and the houses here, something impressed me here is also the people. You can see the people from a lot of races, here I think. You can see the “Western” or Caucasian one, “Chinese”, “Melayu”, “India”, “Arab”, “African”, and the Aborigine one. All of different races. Coming here using partner visa, I can have a free settlement class to improve my English and to learn about Australia. And in my class, I have friends from a lot of countries, Malaysia, Indonesia, Russia, China, Korea, Japan, India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Poland, Thailand, Philippines, Macedonia, Egypt, Ecuador, Iran, Lebanon, Ukraine, Moldova, Bahrain, Brazil, more than 20 countries in one class. I think Australia is a country of migrants. Even they have a harmony day on every 21 March to celebrate this harmony of diversity in Australia.

I will share you more about my life here. I hope it will be useful for you and you can enjoy it.

By. Big Sis



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