AUTUMN IN KOREA – DAY 6(SEOUL) – First step in Seoul , Tosokchon

If you read my last post, I already tell you that we stay overnight at Jimjilbang. We didn’t get a good sleep there, but at least we got good experience.  We had flight in the morning, so we woke up early that day. Start with Miss Pepz, she woke up 4 am in the morning, she enjoy bathing alone, and dip her body in the hot tube without anybody see her. I woke up around 5 am and didn’t find Miss Pepz and Big Sis; I guessed they already went down stairs. I saw Mr. Damz still sleeping there; I let him sleep more because I thought it’s too early to wake up him. So I woke up and went down. I found Miss Pepz and Big Sis sat while watched television. Miss Pepz already took a bath.  So I decided to prepare myself too. I didn’t shower today. I already clean my self tomorrow night, so I just wash my face and brush my tooth. And then I followed Miss Pepz and Big Sis watching TV. We bought ramen cup to fill our cold stomach. After we finished, we checked Mr. Damz. He was ready too. So we met at the receptionist. Yesterday, we asked the receptionist to call a taxi for us. Thankfully she is so helpful, the taxi comes in time and we directly went to airport.

Flight Jeju - Seoul this picture make me think I already leave earth atmosphere

Flight Jeju – Seoul
this picture make me think I already leave earth atmosphere

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AUTUMN IN KOREA – DAY 5(JEJU) – Dongmun Market , Isaac Toast, Burim Land Jimjilbang

Still at Day 5 and still in Jeju, from Seongsan Ilchubong we went to fill out hungry stomach. We go to market, Dongmun Market. With the GPS, it’s so easy to reach the market.The hard place is to find a parking area. Thanks for the GPS, the also showed us the parking area, but we must went to several place, before we find empty parking area. I think the land is owned by locals, so there are an Ahjussi sit in a small hut in corner of the parking area, he is a keeper of this parking area, so we must get the parking ticket from him first before leave our car park there.
At that time, we want to do our business, so we start to find where is the toilet. we entered the 1st mart we find, and she pointed to us the nearest toilet. It’s located in front of government office. The toilet is clean,the problem is there is no tissue, so prepare it by yourself ya.


Dongmun Market

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AUTUMN IN KOREA – DAY 5(JEJU) – Cheonjiyeon Waterfall , Soesokkak Estuary, Seopjikoji , Seongsan Ilchulbong

Well, this post is about our 5th days in South Korea. Still at jeju island, we will continue our last day at Jeju today, tommorow early in the morning, we will fly to Seoul. We will go to waterfall today. We choose Cheonjeyeon waterfall, because there are angel bridge there. But somehow we arrived at Cheonjiyeon waterfall. We even don’t know what the difference, the name is almost same, so we think cheonjiyeon and cheonjeyeon is same.But when we arrived we didn’t find the bridge, so we draw a conclusion that we arrived at wrong place. But fortunately it’s fun in Cheonjiyeon, a festival is being held there when we come, so there are so many performance and of course so many food.

Cheonjiyeon Waterfall

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AUTUMN IN KOREA – DAY 4(JEJU) – Teddy Bear Museum, Alive Museum

Still at Day 4, we went to Teddy bear Museum. There are 2 Teddy bear Museum in Korea, in Seoul and in Jeju and we decided to go to Jeju Museum. There are a lot of museum in jeju, so for all museum lovers, don’t forget to visit Jeju once in your life time. Near Teddy Bear Musuem, there is Ripley believe it or not, actually Ripley is one of our destination, but when we arrived there , the sun started to going down but we still want to go to Alive museum . So we skipped Ripley, and went straight t Teddy Bear Museum. But, the building is unique, so we took our time a little bit for one two pose.

Posing in front of Ripley Believe it or Not

Posing in front of Ripley Believe it or Not

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Autumn in Korea – Day 4(Jeju) – Osulloc Tea Museum , Jeju Glass Castle

Hi, Lil Sis is back. I will continue my posting about Autumn in Korea. Still at Day 4, after we go to Soingook Theme Park, we go to our next destination, Osulloc Tea Museum. It’s still located at Seogwipo, soit’s not so far from Soingook. This museum is so big, it has large green tea farm here, cafe, exhibition hall, the room for learn something about tea, there are also a Innisfree there. The yard and parking area is so big too. You can strolling there, to see green and enjoy the breeze leisurely. Anyway, it’s free to enter this place, no parking fee, no entrance fee. But if you hungry and buy some food there, of course you must pay.

Ossuloc - Tea Museum

Ossuloc – Tea Museum – Entrance to the museum

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Totem Room Escape, Challenge yourself to escape from the fear locked forever

Well, one day Miss Peps said to us Let’s play Escape Room game. And after she said that, she send us a lot of info about that, the game, the room decoration, hoe to play, the price, the venue, all abount escape room game. Make us really really excited to play. So, on last weekend, Me (Lil Sis), Big Sis, Miss Pepz, and 3 friend of Big Sis and Miss Pepz went to play this game. We choose Totem escape Room, it’s located at Tanjung Duren, Jakarta Barat, near Central park Mall. You can check more about Totem Room escape here.

Before I tell you about our experience there, I will give you briefly explanation about this game. Escape the roomm is actually a game, we usually play it on our mobile phone or our PC. In the game, we locked up at a room, and we must find something to open the door and escape from that room. The game is something like that, if you ever play it on your mobile phone, i bet you know what I mean in my bad explanation.. The point is, we were locked inside the room, and we must find way out to escape from that room and breath a fresh air.

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Autumn in Korea – Day 4(Jeju) – Yakcheonsa Temple and Soingook Theme Park

Well, this post is our 4th day in South Korea. But before I tell you our story that day, I will introduce you our white car, this already took us everywhere in Jeju. In my previous post, I already told you how hard we could rent this car. So this is is white Avante. It’s comfortable for 4 people, and the baggage is quite wide so our big bag is save in there.

Photo By : Lil Sis Our White Car that took us everywhere in Jeju

Photo By : Lil Sis
Our White Car that took us everywhere in Jeju

As, I told you before, We are slept in Kasan Tobang, it’s a hanok traditional Korean house style Hotel. It’s comfortable and feel homey I think. But, look at our room below. We just get a tiny bed, and because we are never sleep in tiny bed before, it’s hard for us, it’s just feel like we sleep without any bed, so, we wake up with backache. The floor is heated, so it’s warm, but maybe too warm us, and we feel like a steam pig there, but fortunately there is an AC there, so we turn on AC and can feel the cold breeze and neutralized the warm floor. Continue reading