Autumn in Korea – Day 3 (Jeju) – Yongduam Rock, Mysteriuos Road, Love Land

I will continue my stories “Autumn in Korea”, I think I must be diligent now and try to finish my story before autumn come. In my previous post I already told you how we go to Jeju from Busan, and when we arrived, we rent a car for go around jeju. After the rent process is done, we immediately go to our first destination. When we still in Indonesia, we already made a survey and a list of place we want to go in Jeju, and we also note the phone number. It’s very useful to use in GPS. We got English GPS from rent a car, to find the place we can enter the address, the place name or the phone number, but i think use phone number is more accurate, because sometime we as non native korea have a hard time to write the name even with alphabet. So, with phone number is easier.

Well, the first stop is Yongduam Rock or Head Dragon Rock. Its located near airport, so just in no time we arrived there. We parked and suddenly surprised with the wind, it’s blow hard and so cold. We think Jeju will more warm because it’s an island and be surrounded with beach. But the beach make Jeju the wind so wild. Hahaha. The wind success made our photo is bad that day. No one is good, the wind ruin our hair and our expression. Maybe you can find how hard the wind blow in some of our photo below. Check it out.

Photo By : Big Sis Model : Lil Sis The first photo of Lil SIs in Jeju Island

Photo By : Big Sis
Model : Lil Sis
The first photo of Lil SIs in Jeju Island – I just use thin sweater because I think in Jeju will be warmer than Busan, but the cold win make me so damn cold and freezing

After we park, we find this stone, I think the letter means Dragon Head Rock. And some tourist like us queue to take a photo there, so as a good tourist we took a photo there too. Continue reading

Autumn in Korea – Day 3 (Busan – Jeju) – Good Bye Busan & Hello Jeju

Hi, I want to continue my story about Autumn in Korea, It’s already story about out 3rd day in South Korea. Today our itinerary is Go to Jeju Island, from busan to Jeju, That’s why the title is “Good bye Busan & Hello Jeju”. We are so excited too go there, because from what we hear and what we read, Jeju is beautiful island with so many tourist attraction, beach, museum, and a lot of delicious food. We will fly to Jeju with Jeju Air. We already asked Sung oppa to call Taxi for us, we will fly around 12 p.m, but because of afraid with traffic, sung oppa told us to go early. So he book taxi for 10 a.m.

Photo By Lil Sis View from our room @Sung Oppa house

Photo By Lil Sis
View from our room @Sung Oppa house

Photo By : Big Sis Garbage arrangement

Photo By : Big Sis
Garbage arrangement @Sung oppa House

We wake up as always, start from Bis Sis, Me, Miss pepz, and Mr Damz. We take a bath, breakfast with some samgak kimbap and because the house is empty, taking photo everywhere. We are ready before 10, and wait patiently. We will go down to basement at 10 a.m to wait the driver. but before that Sung oppa came with his girlfriend just in time we will go down wait in basement. He told us, the taxi driver will call where he arrived, so just stay at home and go down when he call. So, we sit at the living room and watching TV with Sung oppa and his girl. But 10 am already passed and no call from the driver. Sung oppa call him, but no answer. OMG, we already had panic attack. Sung oppa keep call, and finally taxi driver answer it, Sungoppa talked with Korean language, but with his expression and how he talk, we know that he angry with the driver like “Why you not arrived yet, it’s already late”, Continue reading

Autumn in Korea – Day 2 (Busan) – APEC House, Mermaid Statue, Oryukdo Skywalk, Seomyeon

I will continue story about our trip in Korea, Autumn in Korea, this is already part 4 of my story. You can find previous part of my story in this link part 1, part 2, and part 3.

So, We still at Busan in our second day. We start our trip little bit late this morning, we go to Haedong yonggusa temple, and rom then we had lunch not so far from the temple. After lunch, we continue our journey (Every time I type journey, I think about Journey to the West (Tong Sam Cong, Sung Go Kong and friends, I don’t know why :P ), we go to an Observation Deck, from there we can see Haeundae Beach.


Photo by Sung Oppa – Us with Cloudy sky and not so blue sea

In this deck, we meet a couple that really really sweet. They are not young anymore, maybe already over 50. The man has a love sticker in his cheek,  they walk together with hiking outfit, but the guy bring a radio , play a very old song I think, and walking side by side, holding hand , stop to taking picture, the vibe is so romantic and make you happy to see how happy they are.

After take some time, enjoy the scenery and fresh air there. Sung oppa took us to someplace that actually we don’t know where is this. He just stop in front of a hotel. He will wait us here in the car, and we can going around near the hotel. At first I don’t get it, why he want us to circle this park, It’s look just like a park for me. until I see some sign board, that in the park, I can see APEC house, I can see mermaid statue and many more. it’s so nice park i think. Continue reading

Autumn in Korea – Day 2 (Busan) – HaeDongYongGung Temple

Hi, It’s time to continue my story about our trip, Autumn in Korea. After Day 1 part 1 and part 2, Finally I have time and throw away my laziness to write our experience in Korea. So, in Day 2, we still at Busan. The night before, we talk to Sung Oppa that we can start our trip at 10.00 AM. But, because we are so lazy to wake up early and we started at 11.00 AM, it’s already too late I think for traveler, but what can we do, Sung oppa house is too comfortable for us. As always in our trip, Big Sis always wake up first, because we only can use 1 bathroom, we taking turn t0 shower. The first is always Big Sis, and then me or Miss Pepz, and the last (always the last) is Mr Damz. Sung oppa told me that his mom is cooking soup for breakfast, and we can have it for breakfast, but we didn’t see his mom, his sister, so we feel it’s not right to take it without permission, so we just eat another samgak kimbap that we bought yesterday. At 10 am, Sung oppa show up , he slept at her girlfriend house yesterday (this is just our assumption, because he said he go to halloween party with her girlfriend, but we’re pretty sure about this). He said that he afraid that he already too late, and we already wait him to go, but we even not ready yet that time. So he have time to grooming himself first. Finally, we ready and begin our journey. Our first destination is Hae Dong Yong Gung Temple . Haedong Yonggungsa Temple is situated on the coast of the north-eastern portion of Busan. This superb find of a tourist spot and temple offers visitors the rare find of a temple along the shore line and it’s very old temple, it built in 1376, already more than 600 hundred years. I am sorry that I can describe to you how to get there, because we just sit nicely and beautifully inside Sung oppa car. We discussed where we want to go, Sung oppa said yes, and we arrived savely at that place. Just like that, our live in Busan it’s so not traveler I think. Hahahha Before we go to Haedong Yonggusa, Sung oppa take us to the deck observatory. From there we can see Busan from above. So beatiful scenery, but too bad the weather is not so good, the clouds is little bit grey. So the photo we take it’s look like so cloudy becouse the sky is so dark. We go to 3 place. The view is so cool and beautiful, and of course so nice to take a photo. The first and second place we go before we go to Haedong Yonggusa, and the last place we go after lunch.

View from the First Observatorium Deck

View from the First Observatorium Deck

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Autumn in Korea – Day 1 (Busan) – Beomeosa Temple, Nampo-dong

Menyambung postingan aku sebelumnya. Kali ini Lil Sis akan menceritakan perjalan Lil Sis di Busan pada hari pertama. Setelah deal deal-an dengan sung Oppa, kami akhirnya akan berkeliling Busan selama 2 hari di sana with Sung Oppa’s Car. Tentunya plus handsome driver, sung oppa sendiri. Setelah mandi, makan, instirahat sejenak. Kami pun turun bersama Sung Oppa. Mobilnya diparkir di basement apartement. Dari stalking Miss Pepz sebelumnya ke social media Sung oppa ini, diketahuilah mobil nya adalah Audi A5. Wow langsung tambah mupeng sama nih oppa ganteng.

Sung's Car Continue reading

Autumn in Korea – Day 1 (Busan) – Arrival

Setelah berjam jam di pesawat dari Kuala Lumpur ke Busan, akhirnya kami tiba juga di Gimpo Airport, Busan, South Korea. Kami tiba disambut dengan hujan, tidak terlalu lebat, tapi impactnya dingin banget, angin kencang ditambah suhu yang sudah hampir 1 digit, brrrr dingin banget waktu keluar dari pesawat. Sebagai orang Indonesia yang sepanjang tahun panas, awalnya butuh sedikit penyesuain juga, tapi setelah angin tidak terlalu kencang lagi bertiup dinginnya sekan akan kalau kita lagi di Puncak aja kok, adem adem sejuk.

Morning Sky from Plane

Morning Sky

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Autumn in Korea – Departure

Setelah di postingan sebelumnya, Lil Sis sudah menceritakan pengalaman kami mempersiapkan apa aja yang sekiranya diperlukan untuk ke Korea, It’s time for tell you our story there. Tentunya dimulai dari hari keberangkatan kami. Kami berangkat hari Kamis, pesawat kami Air Asia akan terbang malam hari, transit di malaysia, kemudian baru terbang lagi ke Korea, tiba di sana pagi hari.

Jadi untuk menghemat cuti, Lil sis pun tetap masuk ke kantor Kamis paginya, tetapi izin pulang cepat sekitar jam 2 siang. Mandi, makan malam yang lebih awal, Lil Sis dan Big Sis pun berangkat ke bandara. Kebetulan Lil sis dan Big Sis tinggal dekat dengna bandara, biasanya 15-20 menit naik mobil sudah sampai di bandara. Sehingga kami pun merasa tidak usah terlalu buru buru berangkat. Tapi kemudian Miss Pepz pun menghubungi kalau dia dan Mr Damz sudah jalan ke bandara. Tidak enak mereka harus menunggu kami, maka berangkatlah kami ke bandara. Untunglah kami memutuskan untuk berangkat lebih cepat, karena macet sekali. Bukan macet menuju bandaranya, tetapi macet di dalam bandaranya. Setelah melewati patuh Soekarno dan Hatta, taxi kami pun stuck tidak bergera. Ada apa gerangan, kami cuma bisa bertanya tanya, banyaknya abang ojek yang menawarkan diri di sisi jalan sudah benar-benar menggoda kami, tapi dengan koper yang besar danbadan kami yang juga besar, kami pun berpikir dua kali untuk naik ojek Sampai akhirnya supir taxi kami ang juga sudah tidak sabar menghadipi macet ini pun membelokkan mobilnya ke sisi kiri dan mulai melaju kencan gmelewati bahu jalan. Dan sampailah kami di bandara terminal 3. Di mana Miss Pepz dan Mr damz yang sudah sampai terlebih dahulu sedang menyantap makan malam mereka.

Setelah mereka selesai makan, naiklah kami ke ruang tunggu. Di runag tunggu, kebetulan ada outlet batik Keris, kami pun ampir sebentar untuk membeli kenang kenangan untuk Host kami selama di Korea. Setelah bingung mau beli batik, takut nggak cukup, akhirnya kami pun membeli wayang wayangan kecil. sambil menunggu tentu saja kami tak lupa berfoto foto ria, selfie, wefie, taking photo every time when we bored. Jangan bingung kenapa di foto narsis kami ini tidak ada Mr damz. Karena dia sedang sibuk menimbang tasnya. So, Mr damz ini tidak mau membeli bagasi. But, dia membawa tas yang banyak, sedangkan yang diperbolehkan masuk kebain itu hanya 1 tas jinjng + 1 koper (cabin size) dengan berat tidak boleh lebih dari 7,5 kg but dia punya 3 tas, 1 backpack, 1 koper cabin size, dan 1 lagi tas jinjing. So, dia sedang sibuk mendistribusikan barang barang di kopernya yg beratnya melebihi 10 kg, ke tas nya yg lain, dan tentu saja nantinya akan kami bantu bawakan karena jumlah tasnya yang berlebihan. Kebetulan di ruang tunggu terdapat timbangan, so ketika kami cewek cewek sibuk narsis, dia sibuk menimbang bawaannya yg merepotkan itu.

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