Review – Hotel – Time Capsule Hotel @ Penang

Di postingan kali ini aku mau sharing sedikit pengalaman aku waktu nginep di Time Capsule Hotel di Penang Bulan Oktober 2016. Jika kalian baca di postingan aku Short Escape to Malaysia, kalian pasti tau kalo aku pergi ke Kuala Lumpur, Malacca, dan terakhir Penang, selama 3 hari 2 malem, aku and the gank nginep di hotel yang cukup futuristic ini. So check it out my opinion about this hotel.

Jadi awal mulanya, aku sama temen temen bingung kan mau nginep dimana selama di Penang. Dan setelah berhari hari rada madol waktu kerja gara gara kebanyakan browsing cari hotel, kami menemukan hotel ini. Dari gambar gambar yang beredar bebas di dunia maya, kok lucu ya, kok keren ya, kok nampaknya futuristic banget. So, setelah akhirnya 4 personil setuju nginep di sini, Miss Pepz pun langsung booking, 4 capsule for 4 people. Harganya juga nggak terlalu mahal, 1 capsule itu kurang lebih 300K IDR. Tapi waktu check ini ada tambahan deposit sih, cuma waktu check out bakalan dikembalikan.


Time Capsule Hotel @Penang

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Short Escape to Malaysia – Malacca Edition – Part 2

So, I will continue my Short Escape to Malaysia Edition, still at Mallacca, I and my friend decided to take a rest before spent our night at jonker street night market. If you confused about my opening, just read the rest about my Short Excape to Malaysia here. So, we decided to go to Malacca on Friday, because we know that Jonker Street Night Market only open in Friday, Saturday and Sunday Night. So we arrange our trip like this.  As we know, and Miss Pepz experience (She has visited Malacca before), Jonker street night market will full with food stall, craft stall, clothes, bag, and many more.  So, we really excited to explore the night market.


Jonker Street

We moved from our bed on 6 pm, walk to Jonker street, and see so many people, but mostly the stall is not ready yet. I guessed it because the rain just stopped so they are just starting to open their stall. We can see so many seller still busy arrange their display. There are some stall that pull us but it’s not ready yet, so we decided to keep walking, and go there again after that. Maybe we must go at 7pm, so the stall is all ready. FYI, the night market open until 12 am. So, even you go at 9 pm i think it still crowded with people. Continue reading

Short Escape to Malaysia – Malacca Edition – Part 1

Day 2, we plan to go to Malacca, but before that, we plan to had breakfast in KL, find any local market nearby to get some Malaysian food. But Mandra got shocking news, I am in the middle taking a shower, and suddenly I hear crying sound, I finished as soon as possible, and when I exit the bathroom, the aura in our bed room is so gloomy with Mandra cried on her bed. I didn’t dare to ask what’s wrong. Yahh, it’s really a shocking news, but what can she do, it’s already overed, and if she go back to Indonesia, she also can not do anything. So, she just calm herself and our trip is going as we plan. But yeah no breakfast as we want, we eat breakfast that revopacker prepared for the guest, just bread and some jam, but better than go with empty stomach.


Our long JOurney from Kuala Lumpur to Malacca

So we go to Malacca by bus, we already bought ticket online, so we just need to go to Bus Terminal. We ordered uber. The receptionist helped us give direction to the driver where is revopacker. We got small car, with small baggage too, so we must sit with some luggage in our lap. Fortunately the trip is not too long, we arrived safely. Our first mission in terminal is too change the online ticket to get boarding pass to get on the bus. And then, the bread we ate early just fill 1/4 our stomach so our second mission is buy food. But the problem is the boarding time will arrived soon, our main mission to board the bus can not be failed. So, after finished out 1st mission, we directly go to waiting room, to board the bus, dismissed our 2nd mission. After when we sit like 5 minutes, the officer said our bus will be late. So, Mr Damz decided run to buy fast food (KFC, McD, or another type of it). We throw the baton to Mr Damz to conquer our 2nd mission. Fortunately, he got it quick, we got sandwhich by Sub way. Bread again, but at least our hunger is solved for a moment. Continue reading

Review – Ho(s)tel – Nomaps Malacca

Jadi, di postingan aku sebelumnya aku udah cerita tentang pengalaman aku and the gank ke Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. Dan aku udah sedikit cerita juga kalo besoknya kami akan pergi ke Malacca or Melaka or Malaka, honestly I am not sure how to write it, but I google it and wikipedia tell me Malacca, so I will use Malacca. Back to story review, jadi kali ini aku mau review hostel yang menjadi tempat istirahat aku selama 2 hari 1 malem (1N2D) di Malacca, namanya Nomaps. And I got the best treatment there. Aku bela belain posting review tempat aku nginep dulu dibandingin aku di sana ngapain, jadi yang penasaran sama kelanjutan perjalanan aku di Malaysia, stay tuned aja di postingan aku berikutnya aku bakalan bahas tentang Malacca and Penang.

Well, Nomaps itu salah satu hostel yang ntah bagaimana caranya sukses menarik perhatian kami ketika lagi cari cari tempat nginap di Malacca.Aku sama sekali nggak tau kalo ternyata bakalan dapat tempet yang unyu dan instagramable kayak gini sebelumnya. Kami memilih tempat ini karena lokasi yang strategis (deket Jonker street) dan harganya yang sesuai kantong. But, we got more than we expected so I am really really happy. Ok first location , tuh lihat sendiri betapa strategisnya lokasi nomaps ini.


Nomaps location

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Still at Malaysia, From Colmar we went up to Japanese House. From Colmar actually you can ride a car, like golf car but longer than it, maybe have 8 -10 row. But we rode a car, so with our car we went there. We arrived at the Parking area, and we must went up on uphill road on foot. Miss Pepz almost gave up to walk up, but after so much fighting, we arrived at Souvenir shop that sell ice cream there. So we went there and bought some ice cream. It sells walls ice cream, and I found unique ice cream there, it’s called Salero, later I found it in Indonesia. It is lime ice cream outside and inside it has vanilla ice cream. It become my favourite ice cream after that, that day is so hot, and we must do some hiking , it’s so tiring and HOT, so this sour and sweet ice cream really refresh our body and mind. SO, when I see that ice cream in Indonesia, I am really happy. So  good for tropical country like Indonesia.


Japanese House

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Short Escape to Malaysia – Kuala Lumpur Edition – part 1

Hi, back to Travel Edition again. SO this time Lis Sis will share about my holiday to Malaysia. It’s just a short escape from the busy city, Jakarta.  I went to Malaysia for 5D4N, 1 night at Kuala Lumpur, 1 Night at Malacca, and 2 Night at Penang. I went ther with Miss Pepz, Mr Damz, and Mandra , actually incezz supposed to be followed us too, but because of one and another things, she couldn’t go. So we 4 people, 1 man and 3 woman went there for short escape.


The view from my seat. I don’t know why but i think i often got the seat near the wing, my photo always show the wing.

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Big Sis Bridal Shower

Hi, di postingan kali ini Lil Sis mau cerita tentang Big Sis Bridal Shower Project. Yup, Big Sis udah nikah. Oktober 2016 lalu Big Sis udah nikah, dan for your information dia udah hijrah ke Australia, karena suaminya tinggal di sana. Kita tunggu aja ya postingan Big Sis mengenai kehidupan barunya di sana ya. Jadi sebelum dia nikah, aku , Miss pepz, Mr Damz dan Incezz ngadain Bridal Shower kecil kecilan buat Big Sis. Big Sis ini ketika pernikahan dia udah mencuat jauh jauh hari, dia tuh udah cuap cuap pake banget ke Lil Sis, “Adain gw Bridal Shower dong”. Lil Sis kepengen juga sih. Cuma Lil Sis sama sekali nggak tau sebenernya Bridal Shower itu ngapain ya, terus kalo seaching searching kok dekornya lucu lucu gemes ya. Gimana ya cara ngadainnya. Bingung to the max. Untung Miss Pepz, Miss EO yang canggih habis ini datang dan mengajukan ide Bridal Shower juga buat Big Sis. Langsung deh kami susun rencana.

Jadi yang pertama kami mendata siapa yang kira kira bisa diajak buat meramekan Bridal Shower Big Sis ini, sejauh ini kan udah ada Lil Sis dan Miss Pepz, tambah Big Sis , udah ada 3 orang. Tapi kalo cuma 3 mah sepi banget ya. Jadi akhirnya kita ajak incezz, yang emang officially udah jadi partner in crime. Terus kami juga summoned Mr Damz yang ada di Bandung buat memeriahkan acara ini. Syukur semua nya mau dan peserta pun fixed jadi ber 5. Continue reading