Chinese Garden of Friendship, Sydney – Australia

Hi Guys, Udah lama banget Lil Sis nggak ngepost apa apa di blog ini. Tiap minggu udah planning mau nulis, tapi selalu gagl eksekusinya. Oktober 2018 lalu itu Lil Sis sebenernya berkunjung ke Sydney Australia, kalo temen temen ada yang follow IG nya Sister Stories pasti pada tau, wkwkwkw. @sister8991 , buruan difollow ya. Makasih.

Well Back to story, jadi lil sis tuh pengen ngepost perjalanan Lil Sis ke Australia dari ngajuin Visa sampe day to day nya di Sydney tuh Lil Sis ngapain. Jadi postingannya pasti bakalan panjang ya. Dan mungkin gara gara itu jadi rasa malesnya timbul. Hehehehe, karena tau nggak bakalan bisa menyelesaikan tulisannya dengan cepat. Jadi akhirnya Lil Sis pun memutuskan buat sharing tempat-tempat yang Lil Sis kunjungi aja, jadi Lil Sis nggak akan cerita detail per hari Lil Sis ngapain.

Nah, tempat pertama yang mau Lil Sis cerita adalah Chinese Garden of friendship. Sesuai namanya ini adalah taman yang bernuance Cina, jadi dekorasinya itu cina banget, bangunannya, terus pohon-pohonnya semuanya bernuansa Cina. Taman ini sendiri dibuka ke publik officially 17 Januari 1988 sebagai bagian dari perayaan pertemanan/hubungan baik antara Cina dan Australia dan Sydney sendiri itu punya Chinese sister city yaitu Guangzhou.


Chinese Garden Of Friendship

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First Impression – Sydney

Hello, It’s been a long time since I wrote here. I have been married last October and now I lived in Sydney with my husband. My husband is Indonesian and was born in Indonesia, but he moved to Sydney when he was kid. He grew up here and now he is working here also. It’s hard for me to leave my life in Indonesia but this is the way that I choose so I will fight for it and hopefully in the end, I will enjoy my life here also. 🙂

Opera House Sydney

Before this, I have already visited Sydney few times but I never write about that and now, still jobless here, I will try to share my experience here. When the first time I came here, I fell in love with the sky. The sky is so blue and bright, similar like in my hometown, Bangka and I love it. So much. You cannot see sky like this in Jakarta.


I can see a lot of trees also, and river/lake or beach beside the busy road. It’s so nice. The traffic here sometimes can be packed also but it’s still bearable compared to Jakarta. And because of the council regulation and small population also I think, houses here can still have a front garden and a backyard. The wide backyard where you can have a swimming pool or barbecue with your friends (I don’t have a swimming pool but many people have one here). Of course, there are a lot of apartments also, especially in the CBD (city business district) for those who want to live close to their university or office or those who want to live in a small convenient place or those who still cannot afford house.

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